Monday, December 12, 2005


I'm in sunny San Juan right now. Our daughter just had a baby boy--Lorenzo Enrique Pascual. She also has an adorable baby girl--Claudia Alexandra Pascual. So I'm enjoying spending time with these precious little ones.

Christian love stories. Most of the time, we think of the love between a man and a woman. But I suppose we could extend that to the love between a parent and a child. And a grandparent and a grandchild. Etc. I know one thing. I'm in love. With this new baby and his sister. Holding a newborn and smelling that distinct newborn neck smell is beyond wonderful. It's heaven.

Thank You, Lord, for Your blessings on my life. Thank You that You helped Jennifer in the birth process, and that You brought this little one safely into the world. Lord, You are wonderful. I love You. The newborn is crying. I'll see if I can burp him.

Thank You, God. My heart is filled with praise.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


We're headed for sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico, tomorrow. Feliz Navidad, as they say in Spanish. Merry Christmas in English. Our daughter, Jennifer, just gave birth to a baby boy, Lorenzo Enrique. She also has a 22-month-old daughter. I can't wait to hold those babies! My, do I have a lot to thank the Lord for. I know. I know. I ended a sentence with a preposition. But so did Sir Winston Churchill. And when someone pointed it out to him, he said in his inimitable way, "That is something I will not up with put!!"

I recently signed two book contracts--Christian fiction. This is sounding familiar to my brain, talking about this on my blog. Oh, well, I'll announce it again. One is a novel for Heartsong Presents/Barbour Publishing, and is entitled Heart of the Matter. The other is a novella in a 4-in-1 collection by Barbour entitled Kiss the Bride. I'm enjoying writing them. All of my fiction is based on scriptures. I love entertaining readers and getting across a spiritual truth. You know what C.S. Lewis said about this, don't you? "Any amount of theology can be smuggled into people's minds under cover of romance." Pretty thought-provoking statement, right?

Well, it's off to pack, because in the morning, I'll be enroute to San Juan. Feliz Navidad.


Tag, I'm It...
Author BJ Hoff tagged me for seven sevens.

I rec'd. an email with the statement above. Seems I'm to address the following scenarios. I'm doing this off the top of my head, as I'm in a hurry to pack for San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our daughter lives there and just had a baby boy, and she has a 22-month-old daughter, so my thoughts are there not here. Oh well. Here goes. Try answering these for yourself. Just had a brainer. Seven is God's perfect number!

Seven Things to Do Before I Die
1. Have a meal at the White House again. Though I don't have to be invited by the President, like last time. (I'm not kidding!)
2. See my name on the Christian Bestsellers List again. (First time was with my first published work of Christian fiction, American Dream in 2000.)
3. Fulfill God's call on my life, both in writing and in ministry (my husband is a pastor).
4. Visit Israel again. (There's another "again." Boy, have I led an interesting life.)
5. Can't think of anymore since I'm in a hurry.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. I can do whatever God calls me to do because "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Husband [romantic interest, best friend, whomever](not necessarily in this order!)
1. Loves God.
2. Is a pastor. (Love seeing him behind the pulpit each Sunday in those beautiful suits and ties!)
3. Is a great father.
4. Is a fabulous grandfather--spends lotsa time with the little ones.
5. Is a good provider. Has always "brought his money home."
6. Is a sharp dresser.
7. Is very clean. Always smells good--important to me since I have a sharp sense of smell.

Seven Things I Say Most Often
1. Phooey. I wasn't allowed to say "Darn" growing up.
2. Shoot. Same as above.
3. Wow.
4. That's wonderful.
5. Great day.
6. How can I help you?
7. How can I help you?

Seven Books I Love (in no particular order except for the first one)
1. The Bible
2. Ladies of Missalonghi by Colleen McCullough
3. Little Women
4. Jane Eyre
5. Christy
6. The Yearling
7. A Single Shard
8. Emily Louise
9. As the Earth Turns
10. Hannah Fowler
11. Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored
12. Oh, did this question ask for 7? Sorry. I love books.

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again
1. I don't know since I don't go to movies. Oh, wait. I go once a year. Two nights ago, Milton and I went to see Pride and Prejudice. But it didn't have the romantic vibes that the A&E version did. Or was that the Masterpiece Theatre version?
2. Oh, I thought of one. The Scarlet Pimpernel. Saw it on video. But you have to see the version with Jane Seymour. Love it.

Seven People I Want to Join in Too:
3. Carrie Turansky
4. Rhonda Gibson