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For new readers to this site, I am writing since Kristy's battle with a GBM brain tumor and her passing on July 21. Kristy made me a romantic so I write to share christian love stories.


Traveling light is the best way to go. Heavy luggage and too much stuff slows everyone. Kristy knew how to travel and she also lived in a clutter free manner that made efficiency and excellence easier to achieve. I am more of the pack rat but I have learned from her that to keep something beyond its time of usage didn't help present life. Too much stuff is hard to handle and deal with.

Kristy told me to make changes in my house that would allow for new to come alive. She didn't want things to be stuck in time and not have use or value for today. She didn't want her house decor to cover my future and restrict new life from budding. So Norma and Ron have been helping with changes here in my home that Kristy wanted to take place and that I now realize are important too. 

As they gathered items that needed to be packed, saved, or stored for my kids and then other items that needed to be given away, nostalgia filled this house and my heart. 

I noticed her travel train case that we had made hundreds and hundreds of trips over the years. For almost twelve years we spoke in one to three different church across Florida, the South, the Caribbean, our Nation, and other parts of the world. Trip after trip we packed and unpacked. She kept that travel case ready to go at a moments notice. We both knew how to get things ready in a hurry and when we returned home we both knew how to unpacked quickly.

I have reflected about some of those trips and packing and unpacking over and over again. I can remember only a couple of times or so that we left something at home that we needed on the trip and only a time or so that we felled to get it all back home.

Once I forgot to take a belt that I needed and maybe we left something somewhere that I have forgotten, but pretty much that was it. We just knew how to get going and get back and do it quickly, efficiently, and in the manner to have just what we needed for the events we would participate on each trip.

That took planning and diligence over and over and over and we partnered to make it happen. We traveled and spoke at conferences, seminars, revivals, men and ladies events, and attended all kinds of seminars that we weren't the speakers and learned and gleaned to sharpen our ministry work saws to best help others.

Norma took a couple of items out of that train case that the girls might desire to have, but then she and Ron put it with items to go to bless others. That is what Kristy would want done. She wouldn't keep anything just to keep it. She kept life clutter free. To her, that was the most efficient way to live.

That is how Kristy lived--efficient, effective, with excellence.

That travel train case was worn from use and now it was time to pass it on for others to use. That is what Kristy would want too.


At 11:36 AM, Blogger Rambling On said...

I wish I could say that I am a light traveler. Somehow, I never learned the art. If hubby and I are going to be gone five nights, I take at least eight outfits... a woman needs choices is always my excuse. ;)

And saving things.... let's just say my attic is a museum waiting to happen. Ugh!

Transition can be tough, in the best of circumstances. I'm glad you have Ron and Norma to help. God bless you all.

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how hard it must be to see the changes, yet peaceful at the same time. The "strolls" you and Kristy allowed through your home was such a pleasure for all of us. Just to feel as though we'd visited you through to speak. Your home, how beautiful...and Kristy's signature was everywhere. I agree that it would be time to unfurl her unique quality of decor, though difficult it must be. God is timely in His Care for us. He is using Norma and Ron to recreate your home, for such a time as this. Though the girls are tinged with hurt and sadness through it all, I'm sure, just as you are - it is for the best, and all can move on. "Movin' on up....." as with the Jefferson's...ha! You're doin' good, Milton, you're doin' good! I know Wanda knows how blessed she is.......not only with you, but your entire family! Congrats Wanda, you did good TOO!


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been so blessed by this story, and so touched by the way the Lord is working in your lives.

Only one thing is missing: photos! You haven't posted a photo in ages, and there are so many things you've talked about that I'd love to see––show us that framed picture of Christ with the inscription! Let us see what the house looks like after Norma and Ron have helped you make changes. And most of all...for goodness sake! We want to see Wanda!! We love her already and we don't know what she even looks like! : )

Blessings to all your family. You have bravely walked through this valley and I know that some of us reading will remember your journey when we are called to walk the same path ourselves some day. You have shown us what courage and grace and love--and following God's voice--look like in a very tangible way!

Continued prayers. I can't wait to see how your story unfolds next! : )

God bless...

At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be tough, Milton. Glad Wanda and your family is there to help you through the difficult task of removing such personal items of Kristy's.

Amen, to what my twin (Dayle) said. I've made a few trips with her, and we do good to get the trunk closed. Totally pathetic.

At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can vouche to how pretty Wanda is ,, she's so prim and proper, i love her very much and she has been a mentor to me for 8 years at bartow first. i just chatted with her today and we mentioned he rnew life. Oh Milton I can not say what she said " no just kidding" it was all good. at first when i read all these blogs about Wanda ,I cried. she is a part of me and my family. Esp. to my daughter who loves Mrs. Wanda (( she calls her that)). Wanda has always given me Godly advice and always giving encourgement to me. I am happy for her , but sad in some way, that she will one day in God';s time, be moving to Jax. In same token I know i can always call on her for prayer and discipline :).

Wanda we love you very much and pray for the best for you and Pastor Milton.

Jeanette,Tommy & Elizabeth


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