Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Last night, we went to the annual ministers and wives Christmas banquet. I gave away over 100 free copies of my new book Kiss the Bride to the ministers' wives. This is something I do every Christmas, plus all year long when I see and interact with ministers' wives.

At the banquet, among a host of pastors, I greeted Allen *(not his real name).

With that big electric smile of his plastered across his extremely handsome face, Allen said, "Kristy, you better give me two of those romance novels."

My heart bled for him--as it has many times. Allen's wife left him several years ago, and he's going it alone. A handsome man. A respected man. And a minister, to boot, who pastors a large church.

"It'll take at least two of these to help me," he joked as he reached toward the books on the display table.

I chatted with him a few moments, knowing he wasn't "looking" (for a woman). He was just joking. And I couldn't helping thinking of the loneliness he endures day after day, night after night. Maybe even emptiness. I felt so sad, and I wondered what broke up their marriage.

I wanted to fix things so badly, something I feel every time I'm around him.

On the way home, Milton and I talked about Allen.

"Man, my heart goes out to him," I said.

Milton's driving, not saying anything--like he sometimes does, which means he's thinking and which makes me talk all the more.

"Can you imagine what it must be like for him?" I asked.

No answer.

"I'm sure he misses sex. That's an important part of marriage." I jabbered about sex for a few moments. Then I thought of all the things Milton and I do together, the things we enjoy, the places we go. "A man wants a woman for more than just sex. He wants her for companionship--"

"He does??????" He started laughing and cut an eye my way, and I saw that twinkle in the shaft of streetlight that hit the car at the particular moment.

"Thanks a lot, Buster." I gave him a playful jab on the arm.

He was laughing so hard, his shoulders shook, and in the dark patch we were now driving through, I could envision his belly shaking like it always does.

I started laughing too. "You fiend, you."


Lord, bless the marriages of my readers. Strengthen them. Sustain them. See them through the hard places. Let them know there's light at the end of the tunnel. Amen.


At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kristy and Milton;

Hi My name is Pastor Garry Woods, from Tasmania/ Australia.
I Have been Married to my Wife Joy for 26 years this week on the 3-1-2007 we were married on January 3-1-1981 on a very rough windy day, and we said to each other at the same time, this is going to be a real challenge, its already startting rough, but we with God will make it smooth.
And we always each morning when we awake, look across at each other and kiss, and then cuddle back up together.

We then spend the next hour in Prayer, for all the couples in our Church Fellowship, up holding each couple individually before the Lord and thank him for them, we cover them with his blessings, and when we are about to finish we pray the Ephesians prayer from Apostle Paul in chapter's.1:16-20.and chapter.3:14-19.
And have seen some wonderful things happen with each of those couples. in which when we came to this church as their Pastor's, there were only 3 couples now there are 76 couples, plus about 85 singles and plus youth, and a good Sunday school, our Email address is gj.woods@bigpond.com.au drop us a line, and we have found your blog a very refreshing and uplifting thank you so much on behalf of all on fire Christians world wide.

Regards Pastor's Garry and Joy Woods.


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