Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Today, my husband and I were paying at a restaurant. The two cashiers were talking about the novel Stella Got Her Groove Back.

First one. "He be gay."

Second one. "Zat right?"

"Zat be right."

"Are you talking about the author's husband?" I asked.

She nodded as she rolled her eyes. "He turn out gay."

I smiled sweetly. "That's sad, isn't it?"

"Ummm, hmmm. He like men like she like men." She rolled her eyes again.

I said something about maybe Stella shouldn't've looked for men in bars, and how that women ought to look for men in places besides bars, maybe even in church.

"Ummm,hmmm. That for sure."

We chatted a few more moments, and then I left.

Later, I was checking out the Christian fiction section in Walmart (big, BTW) when I saw Marilyn Griffith's Pink. My mind immediately flew back to the cashiers. I decided to buy it and take it to them. I fought heavy traffic and went back inside the restaurant. Their faces lit up like Christmas trees when I told them about Pink. I talked with them briefly about Christian fiction and how the stories are interesting and that they have romance and the sparks between the hero and heroine but not the graphic sex scenes. I read from the back cover about the male protagonist "has got it going on." They smiled from ear to ear, gold teeth flashing. I chatted a few more moments about how important it is to find a good Christian man who'll treat you right, etc.

I felt like I had done some good.


At 7:04 AM, Blogger pearlie said...

Hi! i love reading as well. Christian fiction , i believe is another great way to share the gospel

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Yay, Kristy! Now, that's the kind of grass roots action we should all be doing to get the word out about CBA fiction!

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Hey mom, you should have given them a copy of wedded bliss? You are such a great writer and I enjoy reading your work so much.

Reading this post just reminds me how very BLESSED I am to have you as my mother. You are such a caring, loving and all around wonderful person. You ALWAYS go the extra mile for others.


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