Wednesday, July 21, 2010



For two years I have looked to God for the soothing of a broken heart, and moment by moment healing has come. It has not been easy.

Kristy is whole and well in heaven, but those left behind have felt the pain of the loss of one so very precious and dear. We have struggled to find comfort. My girls and grands and family and friends and those unknown have waited for healing mist.

God is faithful.


Kristy, you knew God's plan for me and with heavenly love released me and pushed me and blessed me to walk and live again.

I could not understand your passing, God's plan, or pain beyond expression. My body, my mind, my spirit was broken and could not grasp why.

Yet, in God's mercy and in His timing, Wanda came softly and sweetly to complete my journey. Only heaven's vision could see and understand. It is a love from above.

Soon, we will complete life's mission. We will join around the throne to give glory.

I honor you and thank you. You made me a better man and blessed me. I will see you in heaven. It will be sweet.


At 10:16 AM, Blogger necy said...

you guys have touch my heart dearly. i love you guys..... man i love you guys..... keep going because there are people out there who need this kind of love.. there are so many people out there hurting... and you were one of those who survive your hurt... AMEN GLORY TO GOD. (joy inside) god got great plains for your life and i don't care what the enemy says!!! your GREAT. he kept his promise " he said that he will never forsaken you and he didn't" please don't stop telling your stories..... god has called you to restore marriages and more... those who have lost love one's and don't know how to make it...... I LOVE I YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU AND MOST IMPORTANT GOD LOVES YOU


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