Saturday, November 19, 2005


I did a sneaky thing today. I was in Sam's and noticed some Christian novels in a pile on a low shelf. The two shelves above it were empty, and the shelf above that held red leatherette book and Bible covers. Should I or shouldn't I?

I looked, shifty-eyed, to my right then left. The aisle was clear. Whew. Breathed in deeply. Arranged the novels, face out, on the two empty shelves. Bunn. Whitlow. Coble. Billerbeck. Walker (Laura Jensen). Dekker. Mackel. Etc. A lady comes by holding a clipboard AND NO PURSE. She stops right behind me. I stoop, like I'm looking for a book. I look and look and look, and she looks and looks and looks. At me. I see her moving away. I hold my breath. She's gone. I breathe. I keep arranging. I get real brave. I move the red leatherette book and Bible covers and stock the Christian novels ON THE TOP SHELF!

Thank ee, Jesus. I did it all for You. GRIN


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