Thursday, September 29, 2005


We're talking about how to write male POV. As I said on a previous post, we discussed this on our loop for American Christian - Fiction Writers I'm quoting several writers with permission.

Cheryl said:
I've been following this thread. Writing male POV is one of my weaknesses, soI interviewed a few males around me today. I found a clothing catalogue with two models standing side by side. One in a leopard print, calf-length dress, the other in a bright pink mini skirt. My interview subjects ranged from age 18 to 76 and there were five of them, with two in their thirties and one mid-fifties.

I asked them how they liked the colors of the dresses and what they would call them. Here are the responses I got:

Subject #1: "Wow. She works out."

Subject #2: Leans in. Blinks. Grins. "That skirt is, uh…" he snickers "…yeah." Hands catalog to subject #3.

Subject #3 presses nose to page. Flips magazine over to look at cover. "Where'd you get this?" Flips back to page, honing in on supermodel page. Note to myself: get Gramps a subscription to JC Penny clothing catalog for Christmas. Wait, maybe not. Don't think his BP could take it.

Subject #4: "You gonna buy that one?" (Yes, this subject is my husband. Yes, he pointed to the pink micro mini skirt. Yes, I told him I could buy the skirt but unless I grew two feet and lost 100 of my 164 pounds, I was NOT going to look like that. Yes, I tossed the magazine. No, not one of them actually answered my original interview questions.)Oh, by the way.

Subject # 5 was my 18 YO nephew. He had no comment,but his wide eyes and goofy grin told me he didn't notice the color of the skirt either. Just the length. I found out all I need to know about the male POV today.

Kristy: I read aloud most of the male POV posts to my dh, Milton. We both got our chuckles for the day. Mercy, he's given me male POV instruction since the day we got married! When I read Cheryl's post about her five male interviewees, he said, "That's the way God made us." Milton and I teach Joy in Marriage seminars. I teach women that Dr. James Dobson says males think about sex every five seconds. Yep. You read that right. (A disclaimer here: not all men think this way; more about that in my next post.)

She says let's go shopping.
He thinks then we'll have sex afterward.
She says please fix the shower.
He thinks so we can have sex in it.
She says don't you need a haircut?
He thinks only if it leads to sex.
She says behave at the party tonight.
He thinks or no sex for me.
She says home at last.
He thinks sex, sex, sex!
She says I'm so tired I can hardly move.
He thinks no sex.
She says what do you think about taking a cruise?
He thinks sex with waves!
She says did you read that article about endangered species?
He thinks no connection with sex; did not understand; cannot respond.
She says I think we should become more active in issues that affect the
He thinks same as above.

So many little aspirin! VERY BIG GRIN

That's why it's so fun and exciting to write CHRISTIAN romance! The sparks are
flying but the couple can't consummate until they walk the aisle. Talk about
titillation? The world doesn't know what it's missing.

More to follow on writing male POV.


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