Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yesterday, I went with my daughter to her athletic club and attended her kick boxing class with her. There I was, in the midst of those pretty young Puerto Rican women with their svelte bodies, kicking and punching with all my might. The instructor called out instructions over blaring, pumping music, and not knowing Spanish, I just did what she did. Until I gave out. :)

As I jabbed at the floor-to-ceiling mirrors then kicked up then out then up then out, the thought came to me, "Take that, and that, and that, and that..." Then I thought, Who am I punching at? Then I thought of the devil because the Apostle Paul teaches us in the epistles that we are like soldiers in a war, fighting against the forces of evil. So I starting saying internally, "Take that, Satan, and that, and that, and that, you old slewfoot, you master of deceit, you, you wicked one and destroyer of peace and robber and thief, in the name of Jesus, take that, and that, and that."

Then my mind went to marriages, and I thought of the many couples who are at odds with each other and who have wedges between them and how proud Satan must be, because he hates unity, because the Bible says, "Behold, how good, and oh how pleasant, it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity." Unity produces peace, love, and joy.

So if you are the one at odds in some way with your spouse, jab and kick at the Master of Odds with all your might.

I hope this makes sense because it's been a busy day. We've run errands all afternoon through thick Puerto Rican* traffic, including trips to Party City and Costco for Curious George party paraphernelia. My daughter said her baby looks just like Curious George.

I laughed when she said that. But then I decided there's a slight resemblance--the wide smile. Curious George isn't nearly as gorgeous as Baby Lorenzo. Baby Lorenzo has a wide fringe of dark eyelashes where Curious George is eyelashless.

*Puerto Rican traffic - all roads are narrow (or it seems that way, anyway, excluding the superhighways). And clogged with traffic. And cars are parked on both sides, so close you think you're going to scrape your paint if you brave the middle of the road. Sometimes, if you're the one parked, your side mirror gets knocked off (at least this happened to my s-i-l). And they do lots of horn blowing. And you should see them merge, which they have to do a lot. Everybody somehow fits in. Cars pause as others dart, and it all seems to work out, though you're gritting your teeth the whole time. Not me, though. I'm used to it by now. My daughter's been here eight years.



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