Saturday, September 10, 2005


Milton and I celebrated our anniversary on August 14. That night, we went to Sonic Burger and ate onion rings dipped in ketchup, a hamburger (me), a foot-long dog (him), and milkshakes. It was so romantic, sitting there on the picnic tables with waiters whizzing by on roller skates (we got out of the car because it was so hot). Heehee. We would've gone somewhere fancy, but we'd had two week-long trips to Denver this summer where we'd eaten in wonderful restaurants plus we had upcoming reserverations for a two-night stay at The Florida House Inn B&B on Amelia Island, so we were satisfied with Sonic.

Funny thing is, that afternoon he asked me where I'd like to go to eat. I thought Sonic Burger. I said where do you want to go? He said Sonic Burger. I said I was thinking the same thing. So that's where we ended up. Then we went to the beach and walked hand in hand on the seashore, the surfers in the water trying to catch a wave and the fishermen on the pier trying to catch a fish.

It's nice when you don't have to impress each other anymore. Love for a lifetime is a comforting love and a comfortable love. Oh, there are still sparks. I encourage couples to revisit the sizzle, meaning keeping sparks alive in your marriage. That's what Milton and I teach in our Joy in Marriage seminars. But it's great having a spouse who can almost read your thoughts.

Now, if we just won't start looking like each other!! They say that's what happens to couples. Wonder what I'll look like with black hair and him with red? :)


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