Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The English language has lots of ways to say endearments. In fact, one dictionary of slang lists about 600 separate terms related to the word woman, though all aren't flattering. Here's a glimpse from around the world:
The Irish, ever a poetic race, use the words mavourneen and machree interchangeably. Both mean exactly the same thing: darling.
Jamaican English calls a woman an uman or sister. A sweetheart is a stucky.
The Scots think of birds when they think of females. A girlfriend may be known as a wee (small) cocksparrow; a wife, a hen.
Dulce (pronounced "dool-sa") is used for girlfriend in the Southwest U.S. It might come from the Latin word for sweet.
Here are some endearments some people use: Moochie and Skinnycups. Birdie and Birdine. Wiggler and hedgehog. Killer and Thumper. Mumbles and Scarecrow. Curly and Bigbeam. Boobadoo and Bitsa. Cleverboots and Snort Snort. (Info gathered from The Sweetheart Book.)
Do you and your special someone have nicknames for each other? Wanna' share? If you don't have nicknames, make some up today. Have fun in marriage.


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