Monday, November 12, 2007


Norma's on the computer researching neurosurgeons as backup and research, I guess you could say, and Milton's fielding phone calls on all cell hones and land line while we kill time for our 1 p.m. doctor's apponitment. So I slipped outside to hopscotch with Jennifer's kiddies and then sit down and color with them. Claudia will hold up the red crayon and say the Spanish name, "Roha," (sp?), and Lorenzo's shouting "bola" (ball) everytime he sees a ball in the coloring book. They live in Puerto Rico and Spanish is their first language.

My face and neck are sunburned from our outing yesterday on the St. John's River for lunch and then a boat ride, and Norma's face and neck got some redness, too, so I know that's what's going on. I read the stuff on the meds I'm taking (steroids, anti-seizures, antacid, xanax, and Ambien at night) to see if I'm having a drug reaction. I can't help thinking about our parishioner who, when we visited her in the hospital, said, "Look, Pastor," as she held out her arms, "I'm sorta' red, and I haven't been in the sun." Turned out, the poor lady was taking Aloperinol chemo drug for cancer treatment, and she was one in a million who, the drug burned her skin off. We watched every cell of skin fall off her body, until Milton said she looked like a skinned rabbit that hunters see and Milton's seen. I couldn't go in to the hospital to see her ever again, after the deep sunburn stage, because I usually faint at medical procedures and bad stuff. But I know that's not my case. In the name of Jesus, I am healed and God is going to have me around a long time to fulfill my purpose--to be a pastor's wife and help lead this dear church, to write the novels in my heart, to be the best grandmother I can be, and the best mother, oh, and the best wife. I love Milton so much. He is my tower and strength and after that, my dear family, who have come from all over the Southeast and will be back for the surgery.

I am photojournaling this saga. You may see your pic or name on this site. I hope to link this web address to my reserved domain name, Kristy Dykes. I'm hoping to do it this week for easier access. Or you can google my name and the first hit that comes up is this site. Anybody you can think of that will pray for me, please ask them. The cloud of peace (heart-shaped?; see recent post) is surrounding me like the cloud that hung over the Israelites.

God's blessings to all of you. Excuse typos, please. I'm always in a hurry with doctors' calls, kiddies, etc., etc.

I hear Norma on her cell phone. We're all joking to excuse me for anything because I HAVE A BRAIN TUMOR AND CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. WINK!

This is a picture of me with m slightly reddish face in my study with Norma.

Behind me is a picture of my darling mother Grace, taken in the late 1930s.

Be back to you soon. If you've emailed me, know that I hope to find time tomorrow to start answering your dear, dear emails.

My sis-in-law from Leesburg, Tricia, called and said she'll make the biggest Thanksgiving dinner ever for me. That was our plan before this thing hit me, and now it's my goal to be well enough after surgery to make the approx. three hour trip to Leesburg to be with all the family. Thank You Jesus, let it be so.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Kelli Standish said...

My name is Kelli Standish, and we are fellow loop members on ACFW. I've always loved your "greetings from sunny Florida" salutations, and enjoyed your posts.

Besides being on ACFW, I'm also the owner of a web and graphic design company, and I wanted to volunteer to get your domain pointed to your blog for you, if that would be a help.

Know that I am CHEERING YOU ON from sunny Corpus Christi,

Kelli Standish

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Dayle Allen Shockley - said...

Dear Kristy,

Here's a passage from Francis de Sales that has helped me get through difficult times. May it bring you comfort today.

The same eternal Father who cared for you today, will care for you tomorrow and every day. Either He will shield you from suffering, or will give you unfailing strength to bear it. So be at peace, then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginings. - Francis de Sales


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