Monday, November 12, 2007


Yesterday, Norma (Milton's sister who's here nursing me--poo!) was sitting at one computer in our study, and I was at the other.
"Kristy," she said, "scroll down to your November 1 post. Hurry."
So I did, and there, I saw this picture. A ticking time bom in a person's head. If you have read that entry, or read it now, you'll see this is how I have felt for the last few months or so--stressed out. We'd make a trip somewhere, maybe to see Julie in Tampa, or Mom and Dad Dykes and Tricia and Rick (Milton's parents and sis and b-1-l in Leesburg), and for some reason, I'd feel stressed out. Or when we made the trip to Indianapolis to our denomination's national convention in August. Or to see Jennifer in San Juan in September. Or even a few days to Boone, NC, to see the leaves change with Norma and her husband Ron. With all my church duties and now this massive refurbishing project on the buildings we're laughing, and with my writing and trying to work on my novel, I just felt like things were too stressed for me.
And that's highly unusual. I'm a locomotive woman. I'm like the Energizer bunny. I just don't quit! Yet, these things weren't bringing pleasure to me anymore. All I could think of were the details of the packing and then being away from my writing and church work and feeling like I just couldn't get everything done anymore that needs doing.
Don't know if this was the brain tumor working on my brain or not. But his is one of the symptoms I was having, now that I think about it.
My first thinking, when told last Tues. that I have just lost 1/4 right periphereal vision in each eye following a routine eye exame, and then the malignant brain tumor diagnosis on Wed. at Mayo, was, I've been completely symptom free. But maybe this stinkin' tumor was squashing my brain. That's highly likely. In fact, another symptom has been headaches for over a year. But naive me, I just called them stress headaches BECAUSE of all I was doing, and didn't think one thing about them.
Oh, well, the tumor has been discovered, thank the Lord, and we are now going to deal with it.
Our good pastor friend down in Clearwater--his name is Steve--told Milton that when they take out the tumor and fix my brain, I'll be "onto him" and REALLY know all about him. Something like that. We all laughed and laughed when Milton told us. I'll have to get Milton to post and tell it like that silly Steve said it.
I'm still laughing, looking for every opportunity to laugh.


At 3:56 PM, Blogger brendalottakamaggiebrendan said...

Krist, I pointed this out to my husband and said it was almost like you had a premonition, but I didn't write you about it because I figured you already remember that post.


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