Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Milton, here:

They say there is safety in numbers and it's true, but what about safety in a couple cuddling up? If it's safer to buckle up in a car, it's bound to be safer to cuddle up in a marriage.

One night last week Kristy wanted me to hold her and hold her tight. She was dealing with multiple struggles and needed someone to make her feel safe. I could sense that as we held each close that she was comforted and that issues she was dealing with were all disquieted. She felt secure knowing that she wasn't alone and that there was strength holding her beyond her own.

Storms are weathered much easier and safer when someone is with you. Stormy times in marriage can often be minimized when couples cuddle up before the the bad weather. It is like preventive maintenance. The more effort made to show and share love before issues arise the less the stress and wear will be when things are rocky and the wind is blowing.

Cuddling may seem too feminine for some guys, and regrettably some women are too cold to welcome their guys. How sad for both.

I have tried many forms of expression to make Kristy feel loved and special—you know, with cards, flowers, gifts, trips, tender moments, and trying to do all the little special things she likes.

But last Friday evening, we cuddled up and told each other in simple and dear ways why we have loved each other. It made the immediate storm less difficult to face. She felt safe and I felt good. We are facing it together with His arms around us.

How is Kristy?
She had a tough day Monday. Throughout the 30 radiation treatments, she couldn't wait to get back to "the story of her heart." But she had another problem with her periphereal vision and couldn't continue.

An appointment with the eye doctor is scheduled for Wednesday.


Kristy, here: I have a running appointment with Dr. Jesus. Whatever the need, He's always there.

An old hymn says, "My Jesus knows just what I need. My Jesus knows just what I need. He satisfies, and every need supplies. For He knows just what I need."


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Darlene said...

Dear Milton and Kristy,

The saga of your lives is an amazing testimony of trust.
Trust in God first. Then trust in each other and His love to each of you. Then there is the trust you have in each other. Quite a lot to learn from you. The romance is so tender and precious. Thank you for letting your hearts ooze out of your fingers. . . and posting it on your blog.

Who would believe this would happen to you, Kristy. So long ago I stood in your home and admired the work done on the ceiling -- the gold leaf writing around the elevated area. I was amazed at your lovely home and the touches which made it so special.
You are one talented woman.

Now I see the intricate details of your life being molded by the walk through this valley of death -- and I see the struggle to rise above the fear of evil -- that dark moment of death which wants to swallow up the life! You rise triumphant in each posting -- the joy and peace in the journey with Jesus comes through. He is obviously more than enough. . . But, your need to cling to Him during the cringing, pounding pain and nauseating effects of intruding invaders -- how amazing to read the agonizing longing for His healing touch!

We do pray you will know complete wholeness -- that miracle of Jesus' healing virtue -- creative restoration of lost vitality and all that is necessary for wholeness.

In such a short time you have brought the reality of our spiritual being as the eternal one we are. Shrouded in this mortality we see the vitality of eternal life and cling to Him in the transition through circumstances He allows -- all for His glory.

In the Cross of Christ I glory. I see His body carrying your disease and sickness, sin and iniquity. . .and His blood dripping from His broken body. . .for you!

In Him we trust and place all our hope in faith believing HIs Word.

Being His -- regardless of His designated path to His next chapter in this saga. . .we are joined in the love we have received. . . and in the union in Christ Jesus. I am so sorry for your suffering. . . and am feeling some moments you are sharing... but merely vicariously, with no real pain or illness. I can't know any of what you feel . . .but my heart carries you to Jesus in these moments. . .both you and Milton. . . so grateful you are bringing us all to think again of love -- His and that of our mate and loved ones.

How quickly we slip into that realm where time is no more. . . and He is central to everything!

Should I precede you into His Presence, I pray the last chapters will be more indelibly imprinted in hearts than all that has gone before.

Heart to heart in Him,
In His lavish love,
Darlene Betzer

At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristy & Milton,
I have always admired you both. During this trial you both have ministered to me more then you could possibly know. Your words of comfort & praise have been medicine to my heart. The people that have been commenting have also touched my heart.
I hate that you are having to go through this horrible trial, only God knows why you are, but please know that in the mist of it all you are bringing God back into many hearts including mine.
I love you both very much.
Your Cuz, Lori

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Aimee said...

Again, you guys inspire me! How you guys describe your relationship is just awesome! Keep cuddling, and I'll keep praying! :)

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Carrie Turansky said...

Dear Kristy,
I am praying for you today, asking God to restore your vision so you can keep on working on that story of your heart. Perhaps He will inspire you with some other creative way to get those words from your heart to the computer screen. Resting in Him, give yourself permission to let that story simmer. When it is time to write it all down, I know it will be wonderful. I can't wait to read it!

The loving and caring relationship you and Milton have built is very inspiring. Your example is touching many hearts.

Rest in His love today.

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Milton said...

Thank you for all your kind and comforting comments.

God is with us--He is faithful.

Kristy really is one amazing creative lady. She has energy and creativity to burn and has burned it all for His glory.

I am going to write about that in upcoming posts.

Gary, the picture of the caddy convertible is not mine, but belongs to member in our church.


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Kristy Dykes said...

Thanks, all, for these wonderful comments.

Darlene, thank you for your love and prayers. You blessed me.

Cuz Lori, you encouraged me. My prayer from the beginning of this has been, "Lord, let my life count for You. Use me for Your kingdom and glory."

Love to all--


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