Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Milton, here:

Walking through the houses we've lived in--or the churches we've served--or, google Kristy's name--will quickly show you how creative this lady is. Her office files are filled with articles for church secretaries and pastor’s wives and marital issues and newspaper cooking columns as well as theological issues...

She has written plays, directed dramas, played the piano and organ, and has a beautiful voice. She is an excellent photographer and can draw and paint. I have marvelled as she has led just about every area of ministry within a church and has mentored pastors' wives, writers, and many other key leader positions. She is a great Bible teacher and knows how to pray.

To be honest one can get real tired just contemplating all the energetic endeavors of this lady. She has designed houses and churches and flower beds and church magazine layouts and written books and spoken across the nation and the Caribbean.

And she does it all with enthusiasm, excellence, and ease. (I know this is not the easiest color to read, but it's her color.)

Once she brought an old beat up doll house home. It was in terrible shape and I was a little aggravated that she wanted to bring it into the house. She said, “I can see in refinished and looking beautiful." I got it out of the trunk of the car for her. It wasn’t long before she stripped the old paint off and refinished it. The girls had a ball playing with it and Kristy even wrote an article about it which was published in a national magazine.

I could tell you about clocks, stained glass, furniture, wall paper, hanging pictures, and the list goes on and on to which she has added her special touches.

The wall clock, pictured, didn’t have the inner clock and it all was the wrong color so she found the inner clock and repainted all of it.

The stained glass in our home, pictured, wasn’t the right colors so she repainted it. She painted two preschools in churches with huge murals. She has designed kitchen cabinets and arranged flowers and designed and made clothes.

Are you tired yet?

She has authored numerous columns for New York Times subsidiaries and other publications and has well over 600 articles published in various local and national publications. She has had nine works of fiction published with several more completed and waiting to be published, and has written several hundred blog posts.

I have watched her give literally hundreds of books to pastor’s wives and bless many other people in the most unique ways you could imagine.

The most thrilling thing to me is that she has done this and much more for the glory of God. She has lived and is living with eternal purpose.

These are just a few of the reasons I am praying for her complete healing so she can continue her creative works.


She has worked very creatively to help me look as good as possible--maybe her most creative work.


At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Milton and Kristy ~ This may seem like a silly comment, but it's on my heart.

We have been blessed with rain here in the Valley of the Sun (AZ), and I always think of rain as being so cleansing.

So, I pray for you that you will have rain. The kind God gives to cleanse our souls and our hearts and our infirmities. May it wash away all cancer cells, all nausea, headaches and fears. After the rain ~ well, that's the best part.

Sent in love, Bonnie

At 4:22 AM, Blogger THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY said...

I am sure that your home is truly beautiful....glad that you shared that and all the other accomplishments your has had. Kristy has been in the vigil that I keep at the top of my blog for a long time....I hope that one day I am able to put in the admin. notes that I occasionally post in the comments that I took her off the list because she got so well. :-)

At 4:23 AM, Blogger THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY said...

Oh...and Bonnie, I don't think your comment is anything even close to silly. It was a wonderful thing to say. :-)

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Milton, Each time you write about beautiful, talented Kristy, I'm reminded of this verse:

"If you can find a truly good wife, she is worth more than precious gems! Her husband can trust her, and she will richly satisfy his needs. She will not hinder him, but help him all her life." [Proverbs 31:10-12]

She watches carefully all that goes on throughout her household, and is never lazy. Her children stand and bless her; so does her husband. He praises her with these words: "There are many fine women in the world, but you are the best of them all [Kristy]!" [Proverbs 31:27-29]

We pray our Lord & Savior, Christ Jesus, rest His hands on Kristy's head and send His mighty healing power in and through her. Amen.

Love in Jesus & continued prayers,

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Flea said...

I've been keeping up with the blog since late November and think about you both often, not praying for you nearly as much as I should.

Monday night, while at our church home group, four people told stories about cancer in their family and I thought of you. One woman was very severe and given months - nine years ago. Her healing is miraculous. Another woman had a cancer very similar to Kristy's and they told her to just go home. The family insisted on surgery and treatments. That was several years ago now and the woman is alive and well.

So I thought of y'all. And I do pray for you. I pray for strength and comfort and healing. I pray for the Father's will to be done in you both, in your church family, in unbelievers connected to all of this.

Thank you for being such an encouragement. I really hope that others are encouraging y'all as you need it (sounds like it).

In Him,


At 11:23 AM, Blogger ~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Kristy and Milton, I am keeping up with your news through this wonderful blog. Thanks for taking the time to update us. I continue to pray the Psalms over you. My heart and prayers are with you both!

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Blissful said...

Love to you both. Thinking of you.

Lauralee Bliss
Fellow Heartsong Author

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Sis-in-law said...

We prayed again at ladies' prayer this morning. It is so encouraging and comforting to know that many are praying when you are in a long struggle. So, when you are weak, remember that many strong believers are praying for you.

Much love,

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct on Kristy's greatest challenge but it has been the greatest accomplishment! Just teasing.
I have been reading through Psalms 119 this week and my thoughts have been on Kristy and how so many of the scriptures speak of her and her devotion to God. I believe that God can and will heal her because He is merciful, but also that Kristy has done all she has done with a pure heart and a pure motive to serve Him. Love, your sis , Tricia


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