Monday, March 03, 2008


Milton, here:

Norma and Ron, my sister and her husband, were in church with us Sunday. They are wonderful and powerful ministers of the Gospel in Wilmington, North Carolina. Down through the years we have helped each other as couples as we have grown in ministry.

Ron preached for us and shared a dynamic and encouraging word that helped and blessed our church family. His title was God, Where Are You? But, his real question was "Where are you?"

God is where He has always been, Ron said. The real issue is, where are we in light of all that is happening in our lives.

God is with us in both the trials and triumphs of life. He doesn't leave us, but stands with us even in our failures, if that's where we are. God led Jesus into the wilderness and Joseph, too. But God worked in their lives and brought about eternal purpose.

That is what He is doing in our lives, I say (Milton). He is using Kristy and is working in both of us to do and work His higher will.

He is with us.

"Where is God" Ron asked. "Right here. Right beside us."

"Where are we?" "Drawing closer to Him."


Kristy, here: Feeling steady on my feet, I wore my skinny-heeled boots. So much fun!
We ate lunch on our spectacular waterfront. Surprise of my life. We saw a fire boat. Ronnie and Milton have kidded me since this incident. We were having dinner on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC, with Ron and Norma and enjoyed watching a fire boat shooting out huge sprays of water. I said, "I can't believe that little boat holds all that water."

Ron and Norma cackled and Milton cackled, and R and N promised to tell every pulpit guest they bring to that restaurant my "Kristyism" (a blooper).


Milton, here:

The fire boat we saw was smaller and couldn't hold as much water as the one on the Cape Fear River. Ha!


At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a blessing to see your beautiful, smiling face, Kristy, and to know you're on the mend and enjoying happy times with your lovely family members.

All the glory to God. When I pray for you (daily), I close my eyes and envision the hands of the Lord on your head, sending His healing power in and through you, sweet sister.

Hugs, kisses, & more prayers going up,

Nancy & family

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Katy McKenna said...

The fire boat story is THE funniest ever. And Kristy, I would have said the exact same thing!!!

Katy McKenna

At 8:24 AM, Blogger ginger at enchanting cottage said...

I just wanted to say hello. And that we pray for you every Monday night at our church prayer meetings. I also pray for you and your family on my own. I pop in a few times a week just to see how you are doing but very seldom leave a comment.
God Bless you,

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Robin Bayne said...

Love the boots!!

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Nicole said...

Very cool boots!

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Kristy Dykes said...

Thanks for your comments. Love, Kristy


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