Saturday, May 17, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

Thank you all so very much for your kind comments, faithful prayers, and genuine concern. You lift our spirits and faith by your wonderful support. God's family is the best family!

Kristy had a good day Friday except for a brief tough bout with severe confusion late in the afternoon. She has faced moments where her mind is challenged with thoughts that are not hers.

Pray that God will keep her mind safe in Him.

She rested well in the night and is rejoicing that this the day the Lord has made. We will be glad in it.


I love this picture collage that she made with each of the grandchildren. The picture is actually four that she took in the same pose over the years as they grands were born. She has it in a frame on the night stand next to our bed.This is one organized lady who gets things done.


A couple of nights ago late in the night, Terry came into our bedroom to check on Kristy. Terry as well as my sister Norma, and Rebecca and so many others have helped untiringly to make sure the best care possible is being given to Kristy. They are an unbelievable suport to Kristy and me.

The room was dark and Terry couldn't see Kristy very good. He got closer and closer to her and then had to get real close to her face to see if she was awake or asleep.

All of a sudden, Kristy said, "BOO!"

Terry was jolted, but found that Kristy was OK.

This is an unbelievable tough situation and trial. But a lot of God and a little humor goes a long way to help you through the bad places.

Kristy hasn't lost her joy, peace, or humor.

She is covered by a cloud of peace and is resting in a chair of strength.


At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is 8:15 a.m. in Alabama and I splept in this morning. The first thing I do in the mornings is get my coffee and check in on Kristy. What a nice surprise to see you have already posted for today. During the work week I get up at 4 in the morning and I ususally have to check on you guys later.

What beautiful pictures and such beautiful babies!! Of course it goes without saying that their grandmother is also beautiful.

Still praying for a miracle.

Love and prayers from Tuscaloosa,

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Pam Meyers said...

ROFLOL! Laughter is such sweet relief. The "boo" story was so needed in the midst of the seriousness of everything. Praise God Kristy has her sense of humor intact. I bet Terry jumped a foot. I would have, that's for sure. Yep, Kristy was doing fine.

I'm continuing to pray for God's blessing on all of you during this difficult time.

At 9:38 AM, Blogger One More Writer said...


Thanks for taking precious time from your days to keep all of us updated. Even thought I've never met Kristy, I have prayed for her and your family, and read this blog, since the day the news came across the ACFW loop. Your chronicle of the journey has so amazed and blessed me. Thank you for continuing to let us know it all--the good and the bad, the hard and the humorous.

Still praying,

D'Ann Mateer

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh that was so funny! That would be just like mom to wait and say boo! Reminds me of Grandpa too!

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Carrie Turansky said...

Dear Milton and Kristy,
Our women's Bible study is going through Hebrews 11 looking at all the men and women who are great examples of faith. It has been a wonderful study. This week our leader asked us who we would add to the list as a great example of faith today. I immediately thought of you and Kristy. The way you continue to trust God and rely on Him each day is a wonderful example of faith. I am so glad you are sharing your story with me and so many others. It challenges and encourages us so much to trust God in the good times and in the difficult times.

I love seeing Kristy with her grandkids! What a beautiful lady and what precious kids!

I am praying specifically that the Lord will keep Kristy's thoughts focused and centered on Him today.

Sending love and prayers from NJ,

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Milton,

Thank you for including us in your journey of faith and joy in the midst of the storm. You, Kristy, and your extended family are a blessing and inspiration to all. We are honored to pray for all of you and will continue to do so.

I don't know if Kristy is near a computer, but I believe this song of healing will bring comfort.

God's continued peace and comfort,
Nancy (P.S. Kristy and those grandkids are beautiful!)

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

Praying in San Antonio. Thank you for letting us "visit" Kristy. Tell her she is greatly loved!!

At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God , Kristy is such a beautiful lady .
God Bless

At 5:59 PM, Blogger Robin Bayne said...

So glad there's humor still in your lives. Praying : )

At 7:37 PM, Blogger Arlene said...

Praying every day for Kristy and the entire Dykes family.

With love,


At 7:55 PM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

That Kristy is such a stinker! I can absolutely see her doing that. Poor Terry. I'll bet she scared the peat moss outta him! LOL

I'll bet God laughed with her, too. :D

I'm praying for her confusion and for the Lord to keep her mind safe. Please, Fatehr, encamp your angels around Kristy.

At 9:37 PM, Blogger Susan Wales said...

Dear Kristy, Milton, Julie and Jennifer and and the Grands.

I can remember my grandmother telling me that every day she had with my grandfather was a gift. This certainly proves true with Kristy doesn't it? How precious that she still has her sense of humor.

When I met Kristy at Ridgecrest the things that stood out in my mind were her beauty and her sweetness, but with that sweetness came a feisty-ness! What a rare combination, and I'm sure it makes all of your lives so interesting and fun. The "BOO!" incident is the perfect example. When Ken and I met Kristy, we said to one another . . . she is a force to be reckoned with . . . she's a woman who makes things happen!

For centuries, people have asked the question why do the good die young? And Kristy you are so young. I really believe that it is because Jesus wants Kristy with Him.You can certainly understand why He would want his daughter Kristy with him! However, Kristy is still needed on this earth by her husband, her daughters, her family, her church, her friends, and her readers. Lord, won't you let us have Kristy a few more decades. We need a miracle! I pray that 'this sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God.' Please heal Kristy in the name of Jesus!

Let's all claim Mark 5:41 for Kristy. "Jesus (He) took her by the hand and said to her, "Talitha koum!" (which means, "Little girl, I say to you, get up!") — Mark 5:41

Ken and I are standing on that solid rock praying and believing Kristy that Jesus will call Kristy "to get up!"

Love and Blessings!

Susan Wales

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Ricky and Lucy! Hope you have had a good day. Hang on to those keys!! It's the notorious matching sock that always gets the best of me.

Isa 53:1 "Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?"

v5 "...and with His stripes we are healed!"

Sunday is coming! What a great day for the stone to roll away!!

Blessings to you both!

At 12:58 AM, Blogger DayleShockley said...

Loved the BOO story. A merry heart doeth good.... like medicine.

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Deborah Anderson said...

This was too funny. I know it sure made me laugh. (Uh, sorry, Terry.) :-)


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