Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It's official. Wedded Bliss? (question mark intended), my new book from Barbour Publishing, has hit the stands. It's a 4-in-1; coauthors are: Susan K. Downs, Kristy Dykes, Sally Laity, and Carrie Turansky. The premise: four couples are about to hit their 25th wedding anniversaries and hit a snag instead. The blurb for my story is:
Despite having what appears to be a decent marriage,
Felicia Higgins asks her husband Jake
to move out and give her time to think about their future.
It was exhilarating writing it (that's the way I feel about all the stories I write, however). It's considered women's contemporary fiction rather than romance because of the nature of the story. The genre of romance is somewhat formulaic, that is, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl. There's nothing wrong with formulaic because every genre is formulaic, from mystery to suspense to thriller to you-name-it. Even literary novels follow a similar pattern.
In Wedded Bliss?, the boy has already met the girl and won the girl, and it's about their lives now, as they are approaching their silver wedding anniversary. Since it's a Christian love story, the Lord has a part in it, a big part. Where would our marriages be, if God wasn't involved? I'm so thankful for His help in my own marriage. I've always told couples to make your marriage a threesome--the man, the woman, and the Lord.
Look for Wedded Bliss? in Walmart, Sam's, and Christian bookstores. Also, it can be purchased at christianbook.com and Amazon.com. God bless--


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