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For new readers to this site, I am writing since Kristy's battle with a GBM brain tumor and her passing on July 21. Kristy made me a romantic so I write to share christian love stories.


Driving back from Winter Park to Jacksonville my cell phone rang and it was Jennifer calling from San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

"How did the date go, Dad," Jennifer asked?

She and Julie wanted to know what was going on and how my first date with Wanda had gone. Can you believe that I am even writing such a thing--date? I had just gone on a date? What is that?

"We had fun. We had a ball. Everything was fine," I said back to her.

"Well, I have two questions to ask you," Jennifer said. "First, were you attracted to her?"

Jennifer knew that we hadn't seen each other and she knew that God wanted Wanda and me to be together, but she also knew that we would need to be attracted to each other. So that was her question. Did you like being with her? Are you attracted to her?

"Yes, Jennifer," I said. I really liked being with her and she is a beautiful lady and I was attracted t her."

"Good," she said. 

"OK here is the second question," Jennifer laughing as she spoke. "Julie and I made a bet between each other and we want to know who wins the bet?"

"What was your bet," I asked?

"We bet whether or not you kissed her." 

"You bet what," I asked as I laughed over the cell phone driving up I-95?  "Who bet which way?"

"Julie bet you kissed her. I bet you would not kiss her," she cackled over the phone. 

We were both breaking up laughing and laughing.

"Well, you won, Jennifer," I said. "We didn't kiss."

I told Jennifer that I had told Wanda that Mama said that I couldn't kiss on the first date. We both are dying laughing now. I am trying to keep it together driving up I-95. I did have a ear phone for safe driving, but it was so funny to hear my daughter tell about their bet.

I don't know what they bet or how much they wagered, but I do know they were having some fun with their Dad.

"Jennifer, I told Wanda that I probably wouldn't ever kiss another woman until I marry her. So we have made a vow and we're going to keep it."

She says, "Wow, Dad, that is something."

My 84 year old minister father told me that I was dumb for having such vow and so did my mother so I guess it would be OK to kiss, but we didn't and haven't yet. 

I laughed and laughed with Jennifer as I drove up I-95 towards Jacksonville after my spiritual but "hot date" with Wanda. Can preachers go on hot dates? My answer--yes, if it is a spiritual date too. 

Our date was spiritual. 


It looks as if my potential blog name needs a little work--even my daughter Julie thought it needed helped. Jennifer liked the title, but I had a few moments to talk with her and explain my reason for considering it.

I will  pray about it and brainstorm more. We'll see what rises to the top of the best ideas and most of all what it seems God's suggestion might be. 


At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suggestions for blog site title...

"Love, The Second Time Around"


"Second Time Love"


"Second Half of Life" or

"The Second Time Around" or

"A Second Chance at Love"

At 6:25 PM, Blogger Kate said...

I like and respect your vow, Milton. I pray you and Wanda receive much blessing from your chaste commitment to God and each other.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger Rambling On said...

If I understand correctly, your new blog is not going to be about love stories, exclusively. I think some are suggesting titles that would be appropriate only for another "love stories" blog, instead of a broader blog.

Keep at it.

At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a mother, grandmother and great grandmother - I say go for it! It's really OK to kiss before you say "I do" - They say a kiss is like a jar of olives - when you get the first one, the rest come easy!! I'll just bet you won't hold off until that big day! Blessings on you both.

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about "Milton's Musings-A little Bit of Everything" Then you can write about whatever. Andy's cousin, your cousin, Camp Ambassador, funny church memories, etc.

At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous of 9:28, it's fun and could include so much!


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