Sunday, December 30, 2007


Our college buddies and, later, our parishioners in Leesburg, Lennie and Cheryl Moser, came to see us Sunday evening. This couple has what I call a "prophetic dimension" or "prophetic gift."

Operative words in this sentence: "WHAT I CALL" because they…don't talk about it?...don't broadcast it?...don't brag about it…are humble about it…and tell you to weigh what they say with what THE WORD OF GOD SAYS.

This is what he said:

"It's going to be okay." He said he didn't know exactly what that means, but that the Lord was saying to me, "I know, Kristy, I know. Just be patient."

He said he saw God STANDING. He said at football games, when the big whigs in the private boxes STAND, there's something important going on down on the field.

My eyes grew moist at THAT thought.

Lennie said God is attentive to me. "I know the situation, Kristy," God is saying.

He said something is happening that's important.

More moist eyes.

He said, "I'm praying specifically that the radiation treatments will be far more effective than what the doctors expect."

Regarding his statement about it being "okay," he said don't be surprised if someone else tells you that very same thing.

Milton said, "Yesterday, a man said to me, 'How's it going?' and I said, 'Have you heard about Kristy?,' and the man said, 'Yes, that's what I was meaning?,' and Milton told him I was doing well, and then the man peered into Milton's eyes and said, 'It's going to be all right.'"



"All right."

What those words means exactly for me, will be seen in the weeks and months to come.

All I know is, EVERYTHING'S OKAY WITH ME AND GOD. If He gives me my complete healing on earth, great. If He gives me my complete healing in Heaven, great. Either way, He will fulfill His purpose in me.

"The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever—do not abandon the works of your hands" (Psalm 138:8).

Milton "gave" me this verse yesterday morning at the breakfast table, where we have our devotions and prayer.



Cheryl, Lennie's wife, said when she heard I had GBM brain cancer, that her mind immediately went to Mary the mother of Jesus when the angel Gabriel said, "FEAR NOT!" Cheryl said I would not be fearful.

Bingo. I haven't been fearful at all. Or sad (except for my two short down times). I've been as happy as a lark and laughing all the way!

Cheryl also read portions of Isaiah 43, about God being with us as we walk through fire and flood. She focused on verse 13 (NIV): "Yes, and from ancient days I AM HE. No one can deliver out of my hands. When I act, who can reverse it?"


In our college days, the Imperials were a big hit. The singing group has reformed, Lennie said, and he played one of their old/new songs for us, We've Got A Great Big Wonderful God and then he played one of Russ Taff's old/new songs, Be Still My Soul.

I jotted down a few random lines of lyrics of Be Still My Soul:

…everything's going to be all right…

…knowing You are with me…

…I'm not afraid of tomorrow…

…be still my soul…know that He is God.


What a blessed evening!


At 10:29 PM, Blogger Rose McCauley said...

Dearest Kristy, We just got home a little while ago after being gone all day, but I told my DH I had to check your site before going to bed. I got chills as I read it. Perhaps you remember praying for my oldest daughter, Christy, on the ACFW loop almost 2 years ago when she was diagnosed with duodenal cancer. After praying on my knees for her, I went to the hospital and told her that no matter what the doctors said, I knew everything was going to be all right. The next day her minister's wife came in the hospital room and hugged her and whispered those same words in her ear. She underwent extensive surgery (the Whipple procedure)and did 6 mos. chemo. She has been cancer-free for 16 months now and her quarterly checkups have all come back clear. I am trusting that will be true in your case also. love, rose

At 11:19 PM, Blogger Merrillee said...

Hi Kristy,
You aren't far from my thoughts, and my prayers are with you. In all the pictures, you are looking so good. It is still hard for me to believe you have cancer and are going through treatments. The picture of you and your daughters is wonderful. My two girls were here to share Christmas with us this year. I'm so glad your daughters and grandchildren could be with you. I know they are a blessing to you at this time. You will be in my daily prayers.
Much love and many prayers,

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Pam Meyers said...

Happy New Year Kristy and Milton! 2007 has certainly closed out in a rather stunning way for you. It's still hard to believe all this has happened in less than two month's time. Yet, we've already seen miracles.

The docs didn't expect you to be so vibrant looking when you showed up for your first treatment, and you've been able to enjoy so much of the Christmas season!

I'm glad your friends visited yesterday with a word from the Lord to encourage you because it must have seemed very quiet without the girls and their kids there.

I continue to pray that with each treatment, God uses those rays to eradicate every evidence of cancer from your brain.

We all want God's will for you, but we selfishly want His will to be that you can stay here with us a little longer. That's what I'm praying for.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Kristy Dykes said...

Rose, what a good report. My eyes welled with tears as I read your comment. So glad to know about yur daughter.

Merrillee and Pam, thanks for your love, prayers, and support. YOu always encourage me with your comments.


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