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Milton, here:

God has blessed Kristy and me with thirty-six wonderful years of marriage. I'm not perfect and neither is Kristy, but by God's grace and guidance our years together have been happy fruitful years. Kristy is my partner in life and partner in ministry and she is my dear, dear sweetheart. God has been so good to us.

One of our shared joys together has been to minister as a team in varied ways. One of the most fulfilling as been as we have enjoyed writing as a couple. Here is one published article we wrote that has helped keep our marriage on tract.


Eight truths of lasting marriages

Someone humorously said, "Love is blind, and marriage is an institution. Therefore, marriage is an institution for the blind." Unfortunately many couples are, in a sense, blind. They lack a directing consciousness in their relationship and have no regard for guidance.

Marriage does not have to be this way. God's Word offers us guidance for lasting marriage. Kristy loves the Song of Solomon 3:4, "I found the one my heart desires and would not let him go." Following are eight truths that can be found in lasting marriages.

1. The art of romance
will keep your marriage alive.

"Rejoice in the wife (or husband) of your youth." (Proverbs 5:18)

In our marriage, romance means making each other feel special. Milton likes to send Kristy flowers and cards with personal messages added. Inspiration can come from many directions, including the Bible: "How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful!" (Song of Solomon 4:1)

Romance means holding hands, playfully teasing, and having fun with each other. Married partners must work on keeping the sparks alive even when they don't feel any sparks. Kristy calls this "revisiting the sizzle." We were walking through a mall and saw dating couples flirting with each other. "Let's pretend we're dating," Kristy said with a grin, "Let's hold hands and look longingly in to each other's eyes." We did, and it wasn't long before the sparks were there. Always remember it's easier to act your way into thinking than to think your way into acting.

Romance means kissing more often. Married couples get bogged down with babies, bills, and boredom. "When couples don't pay attention to each other," says Jennifer Louden in The Couple's Comfort Book, "the relationship gets stale. Kiss at least 20 seconds twice a day." In our home, whoever leaves first in the morning finds the other partner and gives him or her a kiss. Then, whoever comes home second in the afternoon finds the other partner and gives him or her a kiss.


More truth coming soon!


How is Kristy?

Wednesday started rough and improved but she is having trouble with confusion along with short term memory issues. Keep praying for her and for us.


At 4:27 PM, Blogger B. J. Brooks said...

As a newly wed all over again at age 60, I delight in your posts about marriage. I already know what God brought into my life at this time of my life is extra Special but reading your tips reminds me that we are on the right track. Lots of kisses and plenty of hugs, not to mention some of Kristy's "revisiting the sizzle."

My husband courted me and I was so not used to all that attention until I talked to my sister about all the flowers and gifts. She explained to me with lots of laughter thrown in that I was being courted. Well how about that?

I'm now quite used to cards, flowers, and unexpected dinners out.

Marriage is an incredible experience when two people love each other as God intended they should, sharing, caring, loving. You and Kristy are truly an inspiration to all of us in that area.

Enjoy each other and thank you so much for sharing your joy.

Many Blessings
B.J. Brooks

At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milton, thank you for this on marriage, it an inspiration. Praying for you and Kristy

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Margo Carmichael said...

Lovely article. Yes, sometimes love boils down to a choice. Loving is doing. And I'm still thinking about what y'all did to that deacon. Whoops, who said that? LOL

God bless you both, and lay His healing hand on Kristy.


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