Monday, August 25, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

Judy married Ron D.

and Ron D.'s sister, Sandra, married Terry

and Terry's sister, Kristy, married Milton

and Milton's sister, Norma, married Ron M.,

and that is how four preacher couples are related through marriage. This formed a ministry support group and we have had loads of fun--Ron and Judy, Terry and Sandra, Milton and Kristy, and Ron and Norma.

Actually there are many more family couples I could name like, Devane and Mary, Ron's brother who joined us on occasion. They are missionaries and were out of the country all through these years and couldn't join us very often. Don and Rebecca could be included as well as others.

If I kept listing couples and marriage connections, we would all end up being related. Wouldn't that be a fun gathering? I know, that will happen in heaven!

But these four couples were preachers and pastors who are related and began our marriages and ministries at the same time. All through the years, almost 40 years, we would have brief family vacations or get-a-ways together or would meet at denominational gatherings. We would tell the latest church funny or church bloopers we had heard or done. We have done some pretty dozy things through the years.

We went to the mountains together or the beaches or would go to individual couple's homes or would meet at some preacher seminar gathering. The ladies shopped and the guys goofed off. These were relaxing, supportive, and crazy times where we could all let our hair down and just have good, clean fun.

Sandra would always tell her "one" joke, "Low, I Come!"

Terry never did anything wrong to tell.

I would tell about some wedding ceremony blooper I did.

Kristy always would talk about the "unique" visitors in our churches.

Ron and Judy told about their kid's talking out in church.

Norma would tell about Ron's latest sermon blooper.

Ron M. would rag Kristy about how much water that fireboats can hold.

We would all laugh until it hurt. Then we would head back to our homes to minister to hurting folks across the South.

Kristy has a book series started that is loosely based on four ministry couples like us. I haven't read it, but when I get home I plan on reading through her computer book files and exploring our fictionalized past.

My trip has gravitated to these couples, first in Wilmington with Norma and Ron, and then in Columbia with Terry and Sandra, and now in Manteo with Ron and Judy. I didn't really think of taking this trip in the fashion of going to these three couples homes but I guess it was only natural for it to happen this way. Of course, this sabbatical trip ends back in Jacksonville.

I am still in Manteo and haven't seen Andy or taken my biplane ride. I thought I might see Andy in church yesterday, but our paths didn't cross. I do plan on taking the airplane ride today.

One thing remains constant and that is change. Life changes in the most unexpected ways. I thought that Kristy would live into her late 80's or 90's like her parents and so many of our relatives. I thought all four couples would grow old together, but change happens to all of us everyday. It will happen today. Change is happening to me. There are now three couples and one single guy with lots of memories. How can this be? It will never be the same.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Carrie Turansky said...

What a blessing to have dear friends in ministry. No one else understands all the challenges and blessings like someone who is in a similar ministry.

Yes, change is the one thing we can all expect. Thank goodness the Lord never changes. He remains the same wonderful Savior even though everything else may change.

Have a great flight today in the bi-plane. You are a brave man! I hope you have a good view and it gives you a thrill and reminds you that the adventure continues! : )

Be sure to share more about the book Kristy has written about the ministry couples. I bet it's a great story.

Blessings from,
Carrie in NJ

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are right. Change is the constant in our lives. Someone today will experience a life-shattering change. It is part of this fallen world, and part of the journey we take to our forever Home.

My heart breaks for you, but even more for those who don't have Christ to lean on. How do they endure so great a loss? I can't begin to imagine.

God is faithful. That is our greatest blessing. May He lift your spirits and bless your heart today. Kristy is having the time of her life, and you are suffering. But oh, the grand reunion you two will share. And when that day comes, it will feel like no time has passed. You will be Home, at last, and all this loss will fade away.

In the meantime, keep doing God's work. He will strengthen you to provide what your congregation needs, and they will understand God's faithfulness as you walk through this valley. I suspect your ministry is going to be wider and deeper, and you are going to come out of this a stronger preacher for having endured the storm.

My prayers are with you, friend.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger nanatrish said...

You are blessed with such close family and friends. You will always have the sweet memories. I continue to pray for you and your loneliness. May God comfort you and may you feel His presence daily.

At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are experiencing what all of us who are married eventually have to experience. One of the two dying first. I've read many people's experiences but I know nothing can really prepare one. So I'm praying that somehow you will have the strength you need each day.

At 5:55 AM, Blogger Barbara J. Robinson said...

Do read the series based on those four couples Kristy wrote. While only three couples remain alive on earth, all four couples still live on within those pages and in your heart.

It is great that Kristy has left you such a gift.



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