Monday, August 18, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

The Twinkies ran out in Columbia last night. Phooey. I'm heading North. There has to be someone who has more. This is getting to a crisis level.


In the quick manner of John McCain's answers to Pastor Rick Warren's questions this past Saturday night.





God does speak today. He speaks in many ways to us. Here is one way he has gotten my attention.

Recently Norma, my sister who is old and I am,  asked me if I remembered a conversation she had with Kristy and me last summer? I couldn't recall it until she refreshed my memory. 

Norma and Ron had been in Florida to visit family and stopped by to see us. We enjoyed a few days together and the morning they were leaving we prayed together--Kristy, Ron, Norma, and I. Norma and Ron prayed with us over Kristy's writing and other ministry needs we had, and then Kristy and I prayed with Norma and Ron over health issues Norma was facing . We also prayed for other needs they had.

After prayer, they were loading up to head North back home to Wilmington. Norma returned into our family room and looked at Kristy and me and said I have something very awkward I feel I need to share with you. She said she didn't understand what she felt "led" to tell us, but felt she should be obedient.

She said that God was going to bring me to the forefront in our writing and that I would have a much greater role in writing than ever before. She said this was very difficult to say in that she didn't want to offend Kristy or me.

They left.

Kristy said that she had always felt that I should do more writing. She was pleased. I felt Norma didn't know what she was talking about even though I didn't say so at the time. Kristy and I have written together in the past, but I had always loved to have written while she loved, very dearly loved, to write.  Norma's word did not make any sense to me. I had done everything that I could to aid and support Kristy's passion to serve the Lord in her writing. Again, I had totally forgotten what Norma had felt prompted to say to us last August until she reminded me of this conversation after Kristy's funeral service. 

Less than three months after that conversation with Norma last summer, Kristy couldn't read or write due to  her brain surgery. She would write very little after she recovered from the surgery and I was thrust into sharing her story as Kristy had requested. 

Does God speak today? Yes, He does and sometimes in the most awkward ways imagined.

I don't know what all this will mean in the future for me, but there are stories that are pushing out my fingers that I must tell. Now the passion for writing which God put into our hearts in the mid 70's burns with intensity within me.

I will write them by His help and grace.


Could it be that God is trying to speak to you today and maybe, just maybe, you aren't listening. Lord help us to listen and obey.


At 11:16 AM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

That's exactly what I felt, reading this blog, but I didn't feel I know you well enough to say it, Milton.

Where I visited Kristy's blog often, it wasn't daily. Until she became ill. And now, it's part of my daily routine.

Why? I don't know. I guess I want to see what you have to say. :) It always touches me, enlightens me, or instructs me.

Keep writing. It will be fun to share your journey. And one day, I'll interview you for Novel Journey - een if it's not a novel you write.

Our prayers are taking new direction for you and the gilrs.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Karen Eve said...

It is amazing how God prepares us for our calling. You asked God to send you help and God sent you a word, many months before you even knew to pray for help. He has confirmed the gifting that we see so clearly. I guess that's why (as I kick myself in the derriere for not doing it as I should) we need to write down God's words when we receive them, because often it's later that he reveals the tapestry He's weaving to us, and those words are part of the pattern.
Through you, God is reminding me today to write down and journal what He says, along with my prayers. I may and probably will experience lows in the future where I will need the written record of God's goodness in my life, not only to see me through, but also as a testimony to others. (Probably the most important thing).
Blessings Milton and to your precious daughters and their families also.

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What prophetic words from Norma.

And yes, you are a very talented, humorous writer. A blessed way to spread His word.

I see a deluge of twinkies coming your way. Just tell us where to send them.

Lisa and I thinking of and praying for your family every day.

At 3:33 PM, Blogger Carolynn said...

You're such a gifted writer that Norma's message from God doesn't surprise me at all. This blog is such a celebration of Kristy's life, and a beautiful tribute, too.

Whatever you have to say, Milton, I'll be reading.

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Milton,
I am a member at Leesburg First Assembly Of God and have been reading your blogs for about six months or so and I think they are being read by alot more people than you will probley ever know.I have friends that read them also but never respond on here.So I just want you to know that I think your platform is reaching many more than you may ever realize.God has supplied an outlet for you to reach the lives of many people you may never meet in person.I am very sorry for your loss and have been praying for you and your family And will continue praying for you all thru these difficult times.God bless you.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Barbara J. Robinson said...

I'm in a daily habit of checking in when I can. I find your writing encouraging and inspiring, and I know you've blessed many with it. I know it's eased the minds of Kristy's writer friends to have you carrying on, picking up where she left off. I'm glad you're listening and writng again.

God used kristy and her writing and now He's using you. What a blessing.


At 6:09 PM, Blogger DayleShockley said...


At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milton, I just told Mama last week that I knew you could write because you are such a good preacher and your humor is the best, but when you started blogging for Kristy your writings have been better and better. It's as if you now have a double gifting, that of yours and that of Kristy's passed on to you. Love you so much and we are praying for you and yours. Cousin, Jeri

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Gayle said...

I don't get to read your blog often, but the writer in you is definitely coming out. Personally, I thought the first paragraph was Pulitzer Prize material. "The Twinkies ran out in Columbia last night. Phooey. I'm heading North. There has to be someone who has more. This is getting to a crisis level."

Thanks for the chuckle.

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Kate said...

I, too, am blessed by your writing. I look forward to hearing what's on your mind, and am a wee bit disappointed if your life gets in the way of blogging for a day or two. (smile)

In Christ Jesus,


At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't tell you enough how blessed and inspired I am each day, sometimes twice a day, that I check in on your blog. Your words are cleverly written, and the humor inserted just makes it that much more grand for all of us. Here in your sorrow, you are finding time to share your heart with MANY MORE PEOPLE than you could ever imagine. The world has been longing and waiting for genuine heartfelt writings of your kind. From here, I can't know where you will go, but one thing is for sure. You are headed for higher ground. Your life is taking on a new meaning, with God leading you all the way. It's so evident in all that you share, and I praise God for the blessed gift of writing that you and Kristy have shared. More so, I thank God that you are not hiding under your hurt and pain, but allowing your life to count for a far greater goal....reaching out and touching thousands of lives.


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