Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

So, why does a new widower who is a pastor feel that he needs to write on sex? My mind is not stuck in this area even though I will admit that I am a man who is like any other male. Men were designed by God with a genetic propensity toward sex. That is just the way God made us.

Yet, to be honest, I would have rather ran the other way than write on this topic for these last days. I wasn't offended one moment by the comment by one of the readers that encouraged me to write on other aspects of my journey. But I couldn't. I had to write in this arena. Something inside my compelled me to write on the topic Sex and the Saints.

Maybe it was Kristy's love of romance and her knowledge that godly romance has better to offer couples than anything we see in the secular arena. Kristy adorned the passionate love stories of the Bible. She loved God's Word and knew what God's Word taught about sex, marriage, and the marriage bed. She worked hard to communicate through love stories the idealistic romance she dreamed, prayed for, and experienced.

Our wedding kiss was sweet and the kisses kept coming. She taught me to kiss her going out the door as I began my day and coming in the door as the work day would end. We held hands and walked together for 37 years with sweet romance. We had fireworks and we had fun and she loved people enough to passionately pursue sharing her and our experience and beliefs every way she could. That is a huge part of my motivation. I want to honor her desires to bless others.

I never dreamed in a million years I would ever survive her. I just knew she would live to be a hundred and I could only hope for 85 years or so. This has been a total surprise and shock to have her leave me. She had so much more to write, to say, so illustrate, to see published. We worked so hard together for that to happen.

Sex for the Saints is a needed and worthy topic. All you have to do is read only a few of the daily comments to understand the value writing on this topic.

It is impossible to turn this into a counseling blog answering all the questions and dealing with all the issues that come with sex. If this series has touched a cord in your life or if you know that there are issues to be resolved in your marriage, then I beg you to get further counsel. If your spouse isn't fulfilling your needs, or if you or your spouse has morally failed then please seek counsel. If you know that you are at a dangerous place in your marriage, then seek help now. Don't wait. Your marriage bed and relationship can be better.


At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milton the straight talk is very good. Keep it up! Men and women are reading your blog. If anyone is 'turned off' then they are either not ready for genuine truth or they are in denial that God truly has an interest in their relationship/s. Sometimes, someone will make a negative statement because they 'are not ready for the Holy Spirit to do a work' in that area of their life. Or maybe, they like me and my husband who did not have Godly council about sex, but through the grace of God, many trials and errors, we overcame the darkness and it has been 'perfecting the bliss' that has made our marriage the strong force beautified by God's Word; as Kristy found it to be, too.

Let the information roll forth. Men and women need healing even if they are in present denial. At some point in time, when they need it most, GOD will bring to their remembrance your teaching. The beauty of your directing them will help them conquer in their mind, body, and spirit what satan has tried to bind-up in their life. They WILL BE set FREE!

Obedience---is what the Lord is directing you to do. Do it well.
Do it with all your might. Your loss (at present) will help them to forge through their life to a brighter victory than they have ever known! Obey the Lord!

God lead you forward to accomplish His Plan and Will for the lives you are touching NOW!

Earnestly grateful
*dailey readers

At 6:35 PM, Blogger Sara said...

i think it is awesome that you are writing on this subject...it is unbelievable to me how many of my friends tell me how awful their sex lives are, and they are married to good Christian men, one or two of which are pastors themselves! my husband and i always talk about about how the Lord has blessed us so greatly in this area, but we are both afraid of saying something to our friends because the topic is so "taboo"...however, i agree with you that Sex for the Saints should be WAY way better than for ordinary people...i know that for my husband and i, it is...how can we help our friends to experience the same joy and ecstacy without losing their friendship altogether? sometimes i want to beat them over the head with Red Hot Monogamy or some other book Kristy recommended, haha...but seriously, it's a huge concern of ours! thanks again Milton, and i'm still praying for you as you work through the grieving process...God bless :)

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Kathy Collard Miller said...

Please continue. There is not enough good things written and said about the sacred marriage bed and fiery sex! Oh, that all of us not lose a spouse and wish we'd enjoyed this gift from God more!

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

I haven't left a comment in quite a while, but I couldn't resist this one. :)

Go ahead and write about it, Milton. Better God's people do and show it in its purity than let the world defile it.

Amen and amen. ;)

Maybe it's a redhead thing.


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