Wednesday, November 14, 2007


God's got this supernatural cloud of peace above me and a chair below me. The chair thought comes from missionary John Peyton and how he taught the natives to believe in God. It's a powerful story. Scroll down and find it on a previous post. I need to take my Prezzie and Ambien and get to bed, after Milton and I have some time together.

These two pictures show a couple of my favorite chairs. Milton says I have a chair fetish (meaning, I love them). I have lots of them, slipper chairs, Queen Anne ones, etc. Poo. He has a briefcase fetish. He has all kinds, soft sides, hard sides, compact, large, etc.
God is going to hold me up through this ordeal. He is GOING to see me through. My cloud of peace is above me, and God's chair to hold me is beneath me.
Thanks for your prayers tomorrow--Thursday at 5:30 a.m. for a high tech MRI to map out my surgery and at 7:30 for the surgery itself.


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