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We're not only a Levite family (lots of ministers), we also have scores of teachers. Here's our niece and nephew, Amy and Bobby Dan, with their new twins, from South Carolina. Amy's my brother Terry's daughter. Our daughters Julie and Jennifer enjoyed visiting with them and those darling babies. Amy and Bobby Dan's profession is education. He's a high school coach; she's a high school guidance counselor. Our daughter Julie is a fourth grade teacher. Milton's sis Tricia, also a pastor's wife, is a first grade teacher. His sis Janet, also a pastor's wife, is a former teacher. My sister Rebecca recently retired from 40 years in education, at the administration level, and her husband, Don, just did the same, from the county office level. The list of teachers in our family goes on and on.

Rebecca has always said, "I'm a missionary—to the public schools," and that has been true. She has been a role model for thousands of students to emulate.

Missionary? Rebecca's daughter Robin, a former school teacher, and her husband Randy and children Noah and Kalyn, pictured below, are now missionaries in Austria, training young people for ministry to the Lord.

Rebecca came and nursed me the week I got out of the hospital following surgery for GBM brain cancer. She took such good care of me even through unpleasant medical complications that showed her servant's heart. She cleaned my house, and she went with Milton and me to numerous doctors' appointments, and she encouraged me and made me feel loved and cherished.

During that week, I was in a "brain fog" and couldn't make sense of some things, or read or write.

I would hold up a red orb (apple) (or whatever), and say, "Rebecca, what's the name of this?" and she was so patient. I knew what the object was. I just couldn't put the name on it. We all joked about it, though. I said, "Well, everybody has brain fogs from time to time."

According to The New International Dictionary of the Bible, a teacher is "one who imparts instruction, and communicates knowledge of religious truth and other matters." Teachers are mentioned among those having divine gifts in the Bible in Ephesians 4:11, where the Apostle Paul places teaching among the extraordinary gifts of God. "He uses no mark of distinction or separation between apostles and teachers," says The New International Dictionary of the Bible.


At 2:03 PM, Blogger Rose McCauley said...

Dear Kristy, how great to meet more of your lovely family. We are starting a tradition of teaching in my family, too. I was the first one, and last year all three of my children were teachers, but our youngest is now in dental school and says she might teach at the dental college someday. The older two are still teachers, and our youngest granddaughter says she wants to be a teacher someday. A great profession, and truly a mission field as your sister said. love, rose

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Dad Dykes said...

CONGRATS on your win with your Kiss the Bride Novella, daughter-in-law Kristy. Our family is very proud of you and your accomplishments.

Love you,

Dad and Mom

At 7:31 AM, Blogger Kristy Dykes said...

Rose, I've always thought a teacher has a high calling. I admire them so much. They work so hard and aren't compensated adequately for all they do.

Dad, thanks for the congrats! Love you!

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Pam Meyers said...

I worked for almost 20 years in education, not as a teacher but as support staff in an elementary school district administration (board of ed) building. For years I've maintained there is an education chromosome in some family's DNA. It just seems that teachers begat teachers all the time. I'm dating a retired teacher and his daughter was a teacher until she had kids. Now she homeschools LOL.

Thanks for sharing more about your remarkable family, Kristy. I'm beginning to feel like I know y'all really well :-).

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Kristy Dykes said...

I feel like I know you, too, Pam, and I do, through this interaction and by meeting and being with you at writers' conferences.

Yes, I believe God gifts whole families with certain giftings.

A romance is in the works for you? So neat.

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I taught high school through 12 "tours of duty"...I ALWAYS marvel at those who last longer...with an attitude as fresh as the first year.

Teachers should be blessed beyond words and our imagination.

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristy ~ I am a huge fan of teachers, so I was thrilled by your latest blog. I've always believed education is the most important thing we can offer our young people, for their future is our country's future. I spent over 25 years helping to found a parent-cooperative preschool (all my kids attended) and volunteering in PTA (a 5 time president). I used to volunteer (aka "work") 40-60 hours a week at several different levels of PTA. Many people think PTA is a "leaning to the left" organization, but I met most of my Christian friends there.

God bless all your relatives who are teachers. They are doing the "best work," especially since they are Christians caring for kids.



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