Monday, February 18, 2008


This past Saturday evening Ron McGee, my brother-in-law who pastors in Wilmington, NC, shared a remarkable story with me. I included it this Sunday in my sermon series Nothing Is Too Hard For God. Please read all of it.

One of his members called him and told the following which I'm paraphasing.

The church member, a grandfather, received a phone call one evening this past week from his granddaughter who was sick and asked for prayer. The godly grandfather prayed and prayed in faith for healing. But she got worse in the night.

Early the next morning she called her granddad again for prayer, and he prayed the Word of God and prayed earnestly for healing. She had a class she couldn't afford to miss as there was a big test she had to take.

But she got worse and couldn't go.

The grandfather was downcast over his unanswered prayers. He was upset as he had prayed and prayed believing for his grandchild's healing and that she could be present to take her exam.
Why didn't God answer?

God didn't answer, he thought.

Or, did He?

Later that day he found that his granddaughter, a college student a Northern Illinois University, would have been in the classroom taking a test where the terrible shooting occured killing 6 students. She could have been one of those killed if she had been well enough to attend class.

Maybe, God knew more. Of course, God knew more. He knows all.

We don't understand all of God's ways. We don't understand why her life was spared and others were killed.

We do know we need to trust God through it all.

We must pray and pray in faith when sick or facing other challenging needs. But isn't it wonderful to know that we have victory in Jesus regardless how things may appear. We win, if we are on His side.

We have found unusual peace through Kristy's trial knowing that Jesus is Lord over all. He doesn't fail. Nothing is too hard for God. We praise Him when we get answers, and we praise Him when we wait. When He doesn't answer in the way we have asked, we can be assured He has something better for us.


How Is Kristy?

She had a great day even though she wasn't able to attend church. She has gone through the house all day prasing God for His goodness. Julie is home and Kristy is enjoying sweet moments with her. God is good. Give Him thanks.

Isn't that a great picture of Ron and my sister, Norma? But, can someone tell me what she is thinking as she looks at Ron? I bet it's something real good.


At 5:52 AM, Blogger Sharon A. Lavy said...

Norma is thinking how blessed she is to have this man Ron as her husband. It shines out of her eyes.

God bless you Milton and Kristy for sharing your journey.

God is so good.

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Milton Dykes said...

Sharon, That's good, but I was just wondering that maybe she is thinking that as soon as we get through taking this picture this man is taking me to the mall and then out to dinner?

Her brother, Milton

At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kristy & Milton,

Your blog has prompted me to start a "gratitude journal." What an inspiration you and your family has been to us! Through all the ups and downs, your faith has been strong and steady. I haven't heard even a hint of complaining or grumbling or "why me" sentiments.

I thank God for you both, Kristy and Milton, and for your extended family, and the words on this blog that have been a great source of strength and encourgement.

Glory to our God & Savior, Jesus Christ.

God bless you greatly!
Nancy & family

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Pam Meyers said...

Thanks for sharing that story, Milton. I live in the vicinity of NIU where there were six fatalities (including the shooter). I know we will hear more stories of how God was in control in so many ways that terrible day. And, how the incident has led others to deepen their faith in Christ, or become a new believer. My heart aches for the families, including the shooter's dad and sister. The dad lives down there in Florida. Also for his girlfriend who had no idea of the deranged ideas that had erupted in the shooter's mind. We live in such a fallen world. God is in control of all things and this side of heaven we won't know half of what has been going on in the world we cannot see, how God is working in spite of the suffering we experience. This gives us such hope, beyond what we can ever imagine.
I keep praying for Kristy, for all of you!

At 9:38 AM, Blogger Stacie Ruth said...

Dear Kristy and family,

I continue to pray for you. You're right: Nothing is impossible for God.

As your AWSA sister, I have kept up-to-date and sent a card... I wish I could do more.

With love and prayers,
Stacie Ruth

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Blissful said...

We were supposed to go out last Wed for our pre Valentine dinner date. Just before we headed out the door, I had an awful stomach pain. I don’t know why it came on so suddenly. I prayed and went out anyway, hoping it would go away as this was supposed to be a special night for us. We got to the restaurant and the pain persisted. I placed my order. Finally I told the waitress to cancel the order and asked my husband if we could go home. We arrived home to see my son leave for practice in a play he is in (of which I prayed for his safety as he took off down the driveway). With my stomach still bothering me, I was angry, wondering why God had not answered my prayer about my stomach? Fifteen minutes later my son called to say he had been in an accident with the car. We rushed to the scene. He was okay, praise God, but we would not have known anything about it if we had continued at the restaurant (as my husband had not brought this cell phone with him). Being only 17 and only having his license three weeks, this was very traumatic for all of us. But I could only thank God that night for my stomach pain so I could be there to help my son. God has His ways which are much higher than ours.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Jan Carroll said...

Kristy & Milton:
This year's Women's Ministries theme is so applicable to what you have been writing. It is "Jesus...More than Enough". The scripture comes from Acts 17:25 "He himself gives life and breath to everything, and He satisfies every need there is". Reminds me of a song we sing called "Enough". It says "All of You is more than enough for all of me. For every thirst and every need. You satisfy me with Your love. All I have in You is more than enough". For sure, Jesus is more than enough.

We are praying and believing for both of you!


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Norma said...

As a matter of fact, Milton, I think I probably was thinking that after more than 38 years of marriage, I do love this man--especially when he takes me out to dinner and shopping....! But, really I love him the most when he has brought me dinner to the bed night after night when I was too tired to sit at the table and when he goes to the grocery store...and on and on...
These are the things you are doing now, Milton. These are a tangible expression of your love for Kristy.

Love you,



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