Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Milton, here: My mind has been thinking about dreams, disappointments and destiny. Kristy and I have had many dreams that have turned into reality. Dreams of ministry. Dreams of family, dreams of a beautiful homes, dreams of writing, dreams of touching lives. Some of our dreams came easy, but some have been like pulling teeth.

Our dreams have been shared dreams. We have dreamed together. We have worked together with each pulling and pushing to accomplish God's call on our lives.

Kristy, here: Through it all it has been a good life. And there is more ahead for us. I can't wait to see what God brings about.

Milton, When we first received the diagnosis of stage four brain cancer, I was crushed. It hurt beyond expression to see your pain and suffering. My mind and heart ached knowing the attack against your body, your dreams, our dreams, our destiny.

(We enjoyed a visit with Ann and her newborn Adam, with her mother Cherry and friend Jamie. Little Adam has a mighty destiny.)

But I sat there like a newspaper reporter asking questions and getting information. The most important question I asked the radiologist was, "What will this mean for me?" He said that I had a limited amount of time left to live. I sat there as calm as a cucumber, as we say in the South, and I sat there taking notes on the information.

"I have delivered this information", the radiologist said, "and I have never seen anyone receive it like this."

The three nurses said the same thing. They had such surprised looks. But then their expressions turned to ones of marvel.

Milton, I was wiping tears and stunned. My expressions turned stone. It was unbelievable. Surreal is the word.

Kristy, As I have said before, a cloud dropped over me and gave me peace and a chair slid beneath me and gave me support. I wasn't afraid. I wasn't fearful.

Milton, As we drove out of Mayo Clinic, it was like our journey in life had made a swift, hard, dramatic turn. Our dreams were laid bare. Disappointment overwhelmed me, but our destiny was yet unfolding.


At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I have read through all of your journals through the months I realize (and you probably already have) that you and Milton have been and are writing the perfect love story...this kind of love can't be just thought up in someone's head and put on paper, you are writing it as you live it!

Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

In Christ,
Evonne Holmberg
Chico CA

At 6:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never in my life have I seen such a true definition of love and faith; I probably would have went home covered my head and would have thrown in the towel.
My 20 year old son was diagnosed with bipolar at the tender age of 16. It has been a long hard battle; but since finding your beautiful story my faith has increased.
I think of you both and pray for you everyday. You both are a true example of Christ and his love; I don't know you personally but I love and pray for you. I want you to know you both are such an inspiration that has helped me deal with my own situation. Now when I see your signature color, I think of you, Kristy.

God's Blessings on you both,

Teresa from Alabama

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your ultimate destiny hasn't changed. Consider this a detour. Detours slow you down, yes, but they often offer the best scenery, as well.

At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I marvel at the love you two display for all the world to see! It is transforming, as I deal with pertinent issues in our family at this very hour. Your journaling blesses me every single day, and I can hardly wait to see what you're going to share. That's the key: Sharing! When you share your journey, lives are touched so deeply. I like to call it, "Dancing in the Rain!" God bless you both, & know that we are praying for you and loving you through it all.

The Curtis Family
Lighthouse Fellowship A/G
Millington, TN


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