Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

SSSH. Don't let them catch you.

They're sleeping and snoring and they're too old to get up and do anything...

Watch the chair.

It's too dark. Somebody is going to get it.

OW!!!!!My toe! ###***, !!##*** , I broke my toe! I broke my toe!

Come on. Don't be a sissy. The snacks are waiting. They're ours for the taking.

Get away from that computer. No one is up at this hour. What time is it?

2:36 AM!!

We didn't get up to goof off and play old folks games;

Where are the Twinkies? They are mine.

I hear them snoring. They're waking up.

Let's make a run for it. They're too old to jog at all.

Not much of a haul. One Twinkie and no peanut butter.

This neighborhood is going down.


At 7:09 AM, Anonymous mimi said...

Good Morning Pastor,
well i guess you need a night light so you can find your way to the twinkies lol. i found my way to the Brownies w/walnuts and no broken toe lol . because i have a night light in kitchen.
have a blessed day

At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Dad Dykes said...

That's my BOY! Not only risking a broken toe, but risking setting off the burglar alarm while stumbling around, in his sis.' house, in the dark. LOL! Just for a Twinkie??? ;0)

Love ya,


At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Norma said...

The "organic" peanut butter was hiding safe in the refrigerator!!


At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Katy McKenna said...

I once went to a women's retreat (at six months pregnant), anticipating the wonderful food the retreat center was famous for. ESPECIALLY the homemade cinnamon rolls and choco-chip cookies. When our group arrived, we found we were the only ones who didn't know this had been designated a FASTING RETREAT. WHAT???

My roommate helped me sneak into the kitchen nightly with a flashlight to steal cookies!! Only thing I've ever swiped in my life, but MAN were they delicious..... :) (I figured my fees paid for the food, it was just that the retreat planners decided to decline the food.)

Enjoy those Twinkies, Milton.

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what bodily harm you would have risked if there had been banana pudding around?
Love ya bunches big brother,

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

LOL - I love the ramblings of an insomniac! :D Can you imagine a twinkie filled with banana pudding? Ahhh, can you say YUM?

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Now DAD!!!! No late night eating!!!! It will get your blood sugar high and then you won't sleep but crash later! Wagging finger at you!

What will you do when you visit here? Javier only keeps egg whites and nuts around. lol

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Shana said...

oh my goodness, that's funny!

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milton, you CRACK ME UP! You're quite the "late-night" snacker --- but, best be careful....especially at Sis Norma's house! She might just plant a booby-trap - ya' know, brothers and sisters ARE LIKE THAT!!!!!! Oh, but I forgot--it was Jennifer and Julie that planted the huge cockroach in the kitchen, huh? I'm sure NORMA WOULD NEVER DO A THING LIKE THAT!


At 4:04 PM, Blogger DayleShockley said...

Milton, just a word of warning: Watch that peanut butter habit; it can get away from you fairly quickly. My hubby has engaged in the PB habit for many years now, although his is coupled with a tablespoon of apple butter to go with it. Just be careful, OK?

At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pastor, Are we going to have to put you on a diet and exercise workout??? You need to be in shape as football season looms!!!

Roll tide??

Ric Peterson

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Rachel Hauck said...

Milton, you're a fiction author. Get busy. What a funny scene. I was right there with you and Kristy!



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