Thursday, August 28, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

My visit on Manteo ended on Tuesday as I left and headed south again.. Ron and Judy made me feel right at home and I hated to leave. I am including a number of photos that are not entering properly on my new MacBook. The pictures include photos of Ron and Judy's beautiful home and our trip down to Okracoke Island. 

I love churches and lighthouses and the Outer Banks have both of them. The larger
lighthouse is at Cape Hatteras and the smaller one is on Okracoke Island. Riding the ferry to get to Okracoke adds to the quaintness of the trip. 

Some poor lady fed the seagulls and we all waited to see if they would poop on
 her or on our SUV. Ha! Thankfully all ended well. No pun intended!

The large house and the picture of the house taken from the biplane is Andy's house. Ron and Judy live a few hundred yards from his estate. I really would have enjoyed meeting him, but it just didn't happen. Maybe that will happen on my next trip to Manteo.

I am in New Bern, NC, at the Harmony House B&B. This is a lovely town with loads of history. At the breakfast table Wednesday morning I ate with a couple from Sanford, FL. I told them about my trip and Kristy's passing and the stops I have made. I mentioned 
stopping at Plmouth
NC, not really thinking they would know about such a small place. He smiled and said that he spent summers there as a  boy and had very fond memories of sitting on the front porch watching the world go by. That's what you do in a small town. The front porch was the TV.
He is a Circuit Judge and she is a legal assistant. 

I told them my favorite lawyer's jokes. 

Do you know what is black and brown and looks real good on an attorney?

A doberman pinscher!

Do you know what you have when you have 10,000 attorneys
 at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico?

A very good start!

I know some great preacher jokes too. They'll have to wait until later. 

Kristy and I made a trip to visit New Bern, NC to see the sites here a few years back and Manteo, Okracoke and Wanchese.  New Bern was one of those get-a-ways with the four family minister couples. I'll write about that tomorrow. We were here and enjoyed all these beautiful places. We traveled miles and more miles together. Now, I travel with her memory.



At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Cheryl said...

A man went to a brain store to get some brain to complete a study. He sees a sign remarking on the quality of professional brain offerred at this particular brain store. He begins to question the butcher about the cost of these brains.

"How much does it cost for engineer brain?"

"Three dollars an ounce."

"How much does it cost for programmer brain?"

"Four dollars an ounce."

"How much for lawyer brain?"

"$1,000 an ounce."

"Why is lawyer brain so much more?"

"Do you know how many lawyers we had to kill to get one ounce of brain?"

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

I don't have any lawyer jokes, so I'm sai ngyours. LOL Beautiful photos, Milton. Praying the memories are even more so.

At 3:09 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

I love the pictures... but no mention of Twinkies in days! Are you having withdrawal symptoms yet?

At 3:46 AM, Blogger Barbara J. Robinson said...

I love churches and lighthouses, too, and recently enjoyed climbing the lighthouse in St. Augustine, FL. I've climbed the one in Key West, too. Love the pictures, especially the one with all the water, and Andy's house. Hope you get to meet him next time.



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