Monday, September 01, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

The Twinkie trail has ended. Ahhhhh, phooey!


I am still in Wilmington, NC, with Norma and Ron. Monday will be one month since I left on a brief sabbatical from ministry. It is time  to return to Jacksonville and my wonderful congregation of Southside Assembly.  I look forward to preaching again next Sunday. 

This Sunday I attended The Twenty Anniversary of the Rock of Wilmington. It was a great celebration, and I enjoyed being with Norma and Ron and their family to rejoice with them over all God has done in their church body. They moved to Wilmington, NC, with a vision to start a multi-racial congregation that would make a difference, and by God's grace it is happening.

Sunday, Ron preached and the congregation honored their service as Ron handed the baton of leadership to his son, Bryan. It was a very impressive and touching service to see how God has blessed this family and their mission to make a difference. Passing a baton isn't always an easy thing to do. Just ask the U.S. Olympic Relay Team about successfully handing the baton to the next runner. Ron handed the baton to Bryan in a seamless, anointed way that is a witness of humble and faithful obedience to God. 
Bryan is a godly visionary with a passion to reach Wilmington and the world for Christ. He is savvy in technological, digital methodology, but even more, he and Jennifer, his wife, have great hearts for God.

Kristy referred to our family as a "Levite" family because so many of us have a call and an anointing to preach God's Word and to serve in full-time ministry. That was our love and delight all of our married lives to do God's work and to help the lost come to know our loving Lord.

Life is about family and about growing as a family of faith in God. If we gain the world and lose our families, what have we done? We have failed, plain and simple.
Ron is expanding his calling and Bryan is stepping up to a higher place of service. Bryan has loyally and faithfully served his father's vision and now Ron is committed to doing the same for his son. Wow! That is service out of true hearts of humility, and God is pleased when we serve with surrendered humility.

These pictures were taken  at the Sunday morning church celebration on my new 3G Iphone.

Isn't God good!


At 11:59 AM, Blogger bryan mcgee said...

I am so glad you were here to be a part of the transition yesterday. God has been faithful to the McGee and Dykes families. He has blessed the churches and ministries that we oversee.

I believe the best is yet to come. Check out the video Carolyn put together for yesterday.

Greater things are yet to come!

At 5:41 AM, Blogger Barbara J. Robinson said...

Yes, God is good. My youngest son and his family evacuated from Louisiana to stay with us during Hurricane Gustav. God answered my prayers and keep my family safe. I love your statement that life is about family and growing as a family of faith, and the one about knowing better than to seek the world and lose our family. Sadly, this happens to so many.

Great pictures with your new phone. Passing the baton can feel good when the time is right.

I know you'll return refreshed and ready to continue making a difference for others, so they come to know and love Jesus and seek God, not the world.



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