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Milton, here for Kristy:

It is unusual for me to post all of the comments made by the readers of this blog, but I felt I should because they all make a point. I can't and won't cover all that I see in their thoughts, but I will say that each comment is indicative of the purpose and goal of all of Kristy's writings and now my writings.

It is all about romance, blessing, and grace to forgive and stand firm through all the highs and lows of marriage. I will write this story for some time to come. Every day I see new things that God is doing in my life and did in our lives through our thirty-seven years together.

I know more about life, death, hanging tough, standing in weakness and strength, and the deep hurts and pain of loss. Singleness has a whole new scope of understanding for me and I am going to learn more on this subject. I couldn't bear it when Kristy left for a brief visit or trip or get-a-way. Now I bear leaving alone without her the rest of my life. It is unbelievable.

Your comments have meant more than you will ever know. I have found strength, hope, and a sense of purpose through your comments and kind thoughts and prayers. I pray a special blessing for each of you who have walk and continue to walk this journey with me. May God bless you all and may God bless the commenters from yesterdays blog. 

Blogger robin bayne said...

I think it's sweet that you are writing about your romance story. Still praying for you and your family.

9:37 AM

Anonymous anonymous said...

Your advice ought to be written across the top of every marriage certificate and framed on the bedroom wall.

Your decision to call trusted friends to accountability is such a godly step. Lord bless you as you walk with him. You are honoring God, your beautiful Kristy, your personal testimony, and your ministry. Wise, wise decision, and I admire you greatly for having made it.

4:14 PM

Anonymous jane doe said...

You're very wise to have accountability in your life, especially now that you are alone and without your life partner. The enemy knows how to come in like a flood.

How I wish I had been accountable to someone many years ago when I fell into sin and had an affair. It's been the heaviest burden to bear, even all these years later. My husband never found out, and I don't believe in telling everything you know. It would only crush him and there's no need to do that, knowingly. God has restored me in some areas, but I still struggle with guilt and find it very hard to be intimate with anyone now.

I wish you could counsel through this blog, but I understand the format doesn't lend itself to counseling.

Please keep me in your prayers.

9:00 PM



At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Milton...
Reading your comments each day is beautiful because Kristy's picture is to the right 'smiling at you' and smiling at us, too! Thanks for doing a ministry...vitally needed!

Steve and I experienced physical pain... "weary in well doing"...
it caused us to experience a divorce. However, because..
Spiritual Accountability,
Biblical Counseling,
& Christian Marriage Seminars...
were provided by people similar to you
"giving of themselves"
we were able to forgive our
and become "One in Marriage Again".

Kristy was one who ministered to us by writing our restoration story. We are forever grateful to her!

Now, you, are ministering to individuals and spouses who are seeking Godly wisdom for thier most intimate relationship/s. Your wisdom comes from
a Godly and Faithful Marriage.

You are truly excellent and ordained by our Lord...
May thousands be touched by the Spirit of God through your honesty and their mind/s set free from any/all bondage/s in their life.

Keep sharing from your heart!
Only heaven will/can reveal the fullness of your work/ministry.

See...Kristy is smiling!
Every time you write...
she is there in spirit...
Her smile is a sign of victory!

She is still lighting your world through precious memories and those memories are establishing treasures in those of us who are faithfully reading...
your blog...
Milton, missing Kristy:

How beautiful are the feet of them who bring Good News...
A powerful encourage you today!

We appreciate you...
Steve and Darlene
South Carolina

At 3:39 AM, Blogger Barbara J. Robinson said...

Thank you for praying a blessing over us and thinking of us. I hope some of my responses were of help to you. Robin Bayne has complied a beautiful devotional for writers titled: Words to Write By: Author Devotionals which will be available through Treble Heart Books. It is beautifully deisgned with a candle and Bible on the cover. Barb


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