Thursday, December 06, 2007

The End of the Day....

Every day He is there, but today.....

Today, I talked to a pastor friend who shared a powerful story about touching the hem of His garment..... My faith was strengthened.

Today, two brothers from a past pastorate drove 2 1/2 hours one way to take me to lunch and offer prayers and thanks for touching their lives... I was renewed to keep trying.

Today, two dear church ladies came by to sit with Kristy so I could go to the office.... I was grateful.

Today, key church leaders promised to spread the word of "A Miracle on Monday" to hundreds of pastors and churches.... I was humbled.

Today, I read over 36 comments of precious ones who love Kristy so dearly and knew so many more felt the same way..... I was in awe.

Today, I talked to Jennifer on her cell phone as they drove away I heard my dear Claudia in the background crying over leaving her Nana.... I wiped some tears.

Today, as in so many days before, I was blessed again by the sweet support of my family and so many kindhearted friends.... I was amazed by their never ending love.

Today, I enjoyed delicious, southern cooking provided by wonderful church members..... I was nourished.

Today, at the end of the day, Kristy said, "I can't think so mind is tired".... I said, "Don't worry.... I'm here.... I will help think for you."

Today, throughout this day, He has taken me by my right hand and helped me.... I am so very, very thankful.

How Is Kristy?

She is struggling with a rash from the meds. She is ready to do the radiation treatment. He mind is clearing but she seems to weaken at the end of the day.

She will write more in the future....she just needs more time to heal and get stronger. Praise God for His goodness.

Her faith is strong and she is believing God.

A Miracle on Monday

Would you join with us at 3:30 E.S.T., this Monday, Dec. 10, 2007, in prayer at the time of her first radiation treatment? Thousands are praying around the world for Kristy.

It just seemed to dawn on me that while the concentrated radiation was being shot into her brain that focused prayer of thousands of believers around the world praying at this same time would also have powerful impact. Do you agree? Will you set this time aside to pray for her? Surely God would hear our combined, united prayer for her healing.

If you have a blog site I humbly ask you to put this Miracle on Monday request on your blog site to request prayer, this would mean so much to us.

If you are a pastor could you put this request in your bulletin or mention it to your people this Sunday?

If you are a prayer leader/intercesser, please share this prayer request with your group.

Please keep praying for Kristy....for us.

I am bloging at her request.
Her husband, Milton
(The pictures above were taken by Kristy and me some weeks back at sunrise at beautiful Jackonville Beach. They look like sunset at the end of the day...... until I just told you. She wanted to go there to see the sunrise, so off we went. I'm glad we did.)


At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just want you to know how grateful we are for your posts, we are standing with you in faith and our church continues to be very diligent in prayer on your behalf. You both are such an inspiration, and I am finding our faith is deepening as we witness the depth of yours! You are loved, cherished, respected, and admired. We will believe God along with thousdands of others and with you on Monday at 3:30!!
Love, Tim + Janet and kids.

At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Sharon said...

It was so good to "hear" Kristy blogging yesterday. Praise God for small miracles! Thanks so much for each precious word yal share. I invited a co-worker to follow Kristy's story here. This co-worker's daughter has been suffering with various symptoms (seizures, lost of periferial vision, etc.) from a "unknown" type of brain tumor since April. Instead of praising God, they blame Him....I pray that you opening up your lives and allowing other to see Jesus in you will make a difference in their lives.

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Nicole said...

Will someone please tell me if this is Eastern Standard Time so I can post the correct time to be praying on my blog?

At 8:34 AM, Blogger Robin Davis said...

Milton & Kristy, I forwarded the prayer request to prayer warriors back in GA. One friend emailed back and said, "I think of 'Onward,christian soldiers',when we are called to go forth." We are all fighting this battle with you. As a word of encouragement, I have a nephew who was diagnosed with a brain tumor on the brainstem at 15 months old. He was sent home with no hope from the doctors. He is now FIVE years old and scored the highest in his class on his kindergarten pre-test! God not only did a miracle, but went above and beyoun..That's our God - the God of "more than enough"! Our entire family is believing with you. Love you much...Robin & Andy Davis ( Lakeland, FL )

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Pam Meyers said...

Since Kristy and Milton are on Eastern time, I'm presuming that is the time we should be praying. I have blogged about this today, asking people to mark their calendars to pray then. I am continuing to pray every day!

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Robbie Trice said...

Martha and I will be praying on Monday at 3:30 on Monday. I also have a myspace site with about 400 friends. Some of them have thousands of friends on their sites. I will post a bulletin to them to pray for Kristy on monday and ask them to forward a bulletin to their friends.
Robbie Trice

At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Dee said...

Kristy and Milton-Praying for you guys. Just got the word on Kristy's treatments. I have prayed as I read the info that God would cover you tonight and for all the treatments and use you as a Light for Him in the dark places of cancer treatment.
"We have been out of town for a week but have been praying and asking others to pray too.
I did send you another email a short time ago. Thus far, all email I have sent to you has indicated it didn't go through.
Isn't it great that prayer isn't like email. Prayer does go through at all times.

Believing God with you.
Gary and Dee Sapp


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