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Milton, here for Kristy:

Old men dream dreams, according to the Scripture. I am not old so maybe that is why I do not have dreams at night. Kristy always had crazy dreams and would have nightmares. They say that everyone has dreams, but some just don't remember them. I don't know if that is true or not, but I have only had a few rare dreams that I remember.

I do have dreams and visions of the heart. Even in my hurt, I see things that I put my hand to and work to turn into reality.

I dream of completing Kristy's writings.

I dream of preaching, and ministry, and seeing our church grow, and reaching people for Jesus and disciplining them.

I dream of ministry in far away places and speaking for men ministries and family ministries.

I dream of seeing America blessed and walking in blessed righteousness, and the crime rate in Jacksonville declining.

I dream of raising up leaders and preachers and families of faith.

I dream of good times with friends and family and great family celebrations.

I dream of Julie and Alex and Nic. I dream of Jennifer Javier and Lorenzo and Claudia and seeing all of them blessed and growing in God.

Those are a few of my dreams.

But, I wish. I just wish that I could have one dream of Kristy in the night. Jennifer told me that Kristy came to her in a dream. I know she is in heaven. I know I can't see her again here. But, it doesn't hurt to dream.

Sometimes as I am going to sleep, I have very real, vivid, mental image reflections in my mind of her and of us. They are sweet like a wonderful movie screen playing on my minds vision. I see her real and alive. I see our happy days and times and all we did with love and zeal. I am comforted by those images even though there is hurt.

The hours and the last days of Kristy's life I smelled her skin, her neck, her body deeply into my mind. I wanted her to be with me as long as possible. Now, there are writings, and photos, and videos, and books, and cards, and letters, and the kind writings of others about her that tell me of Kristy and their times with her, and this blog and thousands and thousands of memories to share remembering our love and her life with me.

But, I wish I could dream and see her in the night. I know in time that my life will move to the plans that God has for me and that Kristy would want for me, but I wish I could dream and see her in the night.

God knows and he grants desires.


At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask the Lord for a dream of Kristy.
He will answer that request. My Mother wanted to dream about my father after he died in 1999. She asked the Lord to let her have a dream of him.

Weeks passed and months...then one morning Mother came to me with a beautiful smile on her face. You know I've asked the Lord for a dream of your Dad...right? I told her, "yes." Well..last night as I was about to go to sleep...I had a vision. I saw Melvin standing near to my bed..he was in a white robe with his hands outstretched. It was the most beautiful sight of him ever! He was standing there with 'both hands' outstretched and a very sweet smile on his face. He told me, "I want you to be happy."

I remember wanting to reach out and touch him, but he faded away. I am blessed because I got to see him with his most precious desire given to him...both his hands were there...they were beautiful to see.
It gave me alot of comfort and peace.

Daddy lost his left hand and arm almost to his elbow in WWII at Normandy Beach on "D-Day". But that special event and 3 days... lying on the ground...waiting for the Red Cross to get to him in battle was the beginning of my Daddy giving his heart and life to Jesus. Also: he promised the Lord that if he lived... he would give him his life. Daddy kept his promise to the Lord. He gave him over 50 years of ministry as an Assemblies of God pastor in Alabama.

The Lord is going to 'give you your hearts desire'...
You will have beautiful dream or vision of Kristy. It will be in the Lord's timing! Look forward to this blessing coming to you. ...and when it comes
you and Jennifer will have alot to talk about...for sure! Sharing such a 'special event' is priceless!

God is faithful to give us the desires of our hearts. He is working on your dream or vision. It will bring great comfort to you and it will come at the right time, too!

God Bless You...
Steve and Darlene
West Columbia, South Carolina

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Barbara J. Robinson said...

My youngest sister came to me in a dream after her death, but it was not immediately afterwards. She died in September and the following summer we were on vacation in Tennesse staying near Dollywood, planning to visit the theme park the next day. Early that morning, I dreamed she was trying to phone me. She kept saying over and over, "I want to talk to . . ." me, and I kept saying I wanted to talk to her, but my husband woke me before I could finish the dream, wanting to go to Denny's for breakfast. I think he thought I was having a nightmare and woke me out of it. I didn't want the dream to end, and she has never come to me in a dream except for that one time. I think she wanted to tell me she was well and in heaven and to remain a Christian, so I'd see her again one day.

As in the post above, the dream will come in God's perfect timing. I felt closer than ever to God when I was in TN. I don't know why, but it was then that the dream came. Pray and ask God for a dream of Kristy. I remember praying for God to let me know Lisa was okay, and she came to me in the dream.



At 3:51 PM, Blogger Gayle said...

I was touched by the two bloggers' posts before me, and I agree. Ask God for a dream, and wait for it to happen. He really does care about the smallest of details.

On a lighter note, the Bible didn't mention "old" women dreaming dreams, but this old woman dreams bizarre dreams nightly. Oddly enough, my twin and I discussed that exact fact over scrambled eggs this morning. Indeed, it's one of life's mysteries.

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

Praying for SWEET dreams of Kristy. Praying in San Antonio.


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