Sunday, October 26, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

Do you have a pretty smile? How often do you smile? Smiling is relaxing and takes less facial muscles and certainly makes one look better.

I don't smile often enough, big enough, spontaneously enough. I do smile and I practice smiling at others throughout the day. It  seems that a smile does something that is needed so very much for the one smiling and the one receiving the smile.
Kristy's portrait is my by door in the master bedroom. She knew how to smile and when to smile. Put a camera in her face and the beam on her face would glow. And, if it didn't glow, then the picture was immediately deleted--without fail. I do not think I have one picture of her without a very pretty smile. Her smile blesses me. The smile on that portrait blesses me.

When you get through reading this, go find someone dear and smile big. Let your teeth, or tooth, or gums, show. Smile with love, tenderness, and forgiveness. Let it bless them, touch them, help them. 

I bet you get blessed back.

No, I am not getting a kick-back from Colgate. I just liked the smile. 

Get a healthy smile, and smile!


At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good encouragement Milton...
The picture is adorable...and reminds me that I must speak with my grandson...ask him to bring over his "Bubba Teeth" we, too can have some fun!

Smiling has always been one of my favorite things to do in life. I guess it's because I learned at a very young a preacher's daughter...that if I smiled...I could encourage someone without saying a word. It's amazing how many folks will simply return your smile with a smile...even someone you do not know. Makes me feel... the SMILE of GOD giving me the blessed 'goose bumps' running up my arms and down my back...because a smile from HIM feels so very good.

You are receiving daily genuine divine blessings as God SMILES on you and your family. His love is faithful to help you cope with the wonder of HIS plan...yet know that you can and will trust HIM...because it makes everything come out right...somehow by HIS love expressed to you in a spiritual blessing...A SMILE!

You and your family are loved very much...we pray for you continually.
As friends...we wish you joy in your precious memories...and peace to be able to endure the mystery of your change in life's plan/s.

SMILE...we are SMILING with you!
...if your notice a gap or two...
...Milton...for heaven's sake...
get to the dentist...for real help!

Love and prayers...
Steve and Darlene
South Carolina

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