Thursday, December 20, 2007


Yesterday, I went with my mother to a place called The Healing Room. It's a unique place where one can go and receive ministry regarding healing. They pray with you and have a room of worship. I was very intrigued by the name, and I was surprised by what I experienced. We went to a house that had several rooms set up for prayer. One room had dark wine-colored drapes over the windows and a large cross in the corner with a wine-colored cloth draped across. Soft worship music played in the background and a picture of a radiant Jesus welcoming a bride into the wedding feast hung on the wall. Small rocking chairs that sat directly on the floor (no legs) created a relaxing atmosphere. A candle burned under another picture of Jesus. Right away I could feel a sense of awe mixed with peace and a sweetness in the place. In another room we watched a 20 minute DVD on healing. Won't go into details there but once again, I was surprised by what I heard.
Then, four prayer warriors led my mother and father off to another room for a time of prayer and ministry. The rest of us there went into the worship room (Intercessors' Room) with the cross.
First off, I picked one of those rocking chairs, hey might as well be comfy when you pray, right? I must not have sat right because the thing was kind of C shaped and I fell back and almost landed with my feet over my head. Good thing I had pants on! Thankfully everyone seemed deep in prayer.
Right away. I tried praying but couldn't! Isn't that odd? I thought, now here I am in a special prayer room and all I feel is silence in my soul! I tried over and over, praying different ways, praying different things. But all I was getting was silence.
So then I decided, well if I'm not storming the gates of heaven like I thought I would be, I might as well just sit back in this rocking chair and relax, maybe take a nap! Just kidding! So I stretched back, kicked my legs out in front of me, and relaxed my whole body and just got real comfy!
As I sat there listening to everyone pray around me, something started happening. It was like my soul became a sponge. I didn't have to pray or say or do anything. I opened my palms face up, and it was as if those prayers became my own. A peace that I can't describe came all over me. Time stopped. Anxiety stopped. My thoughts stopped, and my soul saw a slice of heaven, and I saw God. I saw the God of I AM! He just was.
Everyone was worshipping Him, and I felt the presence of Jesus. I involuntarily smiled, I couldn't help it! He was so sweet. My heart started racing, the thought crossing my mind that if I were older I'd probably have a heart attack because my physical body couldn't handle His glory. Soon it felt like my heart would beat out of my chest, and then I starting getting afraid. As quick as my heart started beating like crazy, it stopped, and I felt it's familiar comforting rhythm.
I felt myself slipping back into this old world, and I said, "Oh God, I'm young, my heart is young, I can handle some more! Give me MORE!"
It was quite an amazing experience, and I learned some very healing things myself! I'll have to share them in another post for another day. I guess what surprised me most was learning that God just IS! All He has for me is already there. All He has done for me has already been done. I just have to receive it! Yesterday was about learning how to receive.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Ed & Joan said...

Hello Kristy & Milton,
The Healing Room blog just leaves me speachless! What a faith builder. Ater reading that, I feel like I don't even know how to pray!! I have just been crying out to God for help! We pray for both of you, and for our son Tom, who is on oxygen because of a tumor in his right bronchial tube. The doctors have not come to a diagnosis yet, but are reasonabe certain it is some kind of cancer. They are saying it's lymphoma, but we should know somethng soon. God is so good, and Ed and I are trusting Him to the best of our ability. I think Tom is learning, too. Thank you for the encourgement that your blogs give us.
Ed & Joan

At 7:11 PM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

Wow, Jennifer. It's hard to find words to say how reading this affected me. Suffice it to say I felt a sliver of what you did, vicariously. Praise God!

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Kristy Dykes said...

THanks, Ed and Joan, and Ane, for your comments.

I'm glad I got to experience this.

At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Nicole said...

Powerful. If only we truly knew the magnitude of our God, faith would be so easy for us.

May the Lord of Hosts overshadow you and spread His glory upon you, leaving you whole and bathed in His righteousness with a testimony to bring others into the healing chambers of His love.


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