Friday, September 12, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

I arrived in Tampa Thursday afternoon to spend time with Julie, Alex, and Nic before flying out to San Juan on Friday morning. The boys and Julie was so thrilled to see me and I coudn't wait to get my hands on them and hug and love them. 

It is just hard knowing that Kristy will not be at any gatherings with us. 

I shared the CD recording of Kristy reading a book for them and her telling a few "Knock, Knock" jokes and reading the salvation Scriptures. It was harder for us than I thought it might be. Alex especially was hurting and missed his Nana.

Nic wanted me to type his thoughts about Nana, Gigi, and Grandpa. He loves to write and at six is starting his writing career. He dictated and I typed for him. He asked me to save his writings for him and said that he would like to have my MacBook and Iphone when I die. The little guy is planning ahead for his future, but I am not so sure what he saw my future being. He really liked my Iphone and MacBook.

Well, I plan on being here a long, long time, but who knows? 

Kristy planned on being here a long time too.


Nic, here:

I loved Nana so much. She was the best to me. She helped me when I read books. She helps me when I need help. I love my Nana so, so much. She helps me at art. She helps me with my clothes. She is the best Nana in the whole, wide world. She plays games a lot with me. I love Nana so much. 

Grandpa used to see me a lot. Grandpa is the best. Grandpa loves me more than anything. He used to love me a lot and see me a lot. 

I love Gigi a lot and I used to see her a lot. I used to make a lot of letters. I love Gigi a lot. 

Love, Nic


Alex loves to sing and has a karaoke machine that he sings along with and also plays the drums. He always likes to perform and dance and have fun. 

They played in the water and road bikes late in the afternoon before we went inside. They are good boys and loved their Nana and Papa so very much.


I drove from Jacksonville to Tampa on Thursday afternoon and stopped at Cross Creek where Majorie Kinnan Rawlings wrote her  novels. Kristy and I stopped by there on one of our countless trips and toured her house. 

Kristy bought a picture of Majorie's typewriter and placed it in her office to view. We watched the movies made from her books together and Kristy was inspired by Majorie's writings about Florida. 

I walked the grounds of Majorie's house and couldn't help but think back to our stop there a couple years back. You could see the excitment, love, and writing passion as Kristy dreamed of the days when Majorie pounded the keys of her typewriter.  

So many memories. 

So many memories.



At 3:04 PM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

Smart kid, that Nic. :) And he seems to take after his Nana, wanting to write.

As long as you and the kids talk abotu their Nana, she's always with them.

I talk to my grandkids about their mom, keeping her memory alive.


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