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San Juan, Puerto Rico is a great place to visit. The island is beautiful and the people are fun and friendly. My youngest daughter Jennifer has lived there for over ten years and has a Hispanic husband and two gorgeous children. After a month sabbatical and a week back at my church, I took one more week to get-a-way to visit them and enjoy the Caribbean sun. 

Jennifer is a bubbly, beautiful young women with her mother's funny sense of humor. We have a ball when we get together and she always has something happening. Both daughters, Julie and Jennifer, are wonderful young women and make their dad feel very proud. 

We bike, walk Old San Juan, picnic in the parks, and stroll the tourist areas of San Juan. It makes for a great trip to go there to see the Caribbean play land.

After I had been there for a day or so Jennifer shocked me with a rather straightforward conversation. Jennifer wrote the following a couple days back for me to include in this blog. 

Jennifer wrote:

Dear Dad, 
Looking back I feel the Lord was preparing me for what is ahead of all of us.  It was a very odd thing because after mom's death it was like the Lord brought Wanda to my mind and I couldn't shake it. 
Before mom died she told me you would quickly find a new wife and that she would be a great help. At the time it broke my heart and angered me, but something inside told me to be quiet and listen to what mom was saying, I knew later her words would have great meaning.  So I just soaked in all she had to say and mentally filed it away as something I hoped would never come true. 
Before you came to visit in September I could feel the Lord slowly changing my heart, from bitterness over the thought of you with another wife to great joy that unusual blessing could soon come to all of us through Wanda.  Peace came over my heart and I felt I knew that Wanda was the one God had for you.
When you came in September I didn't know if I should say anything to you or not.  But again I couldn't shake it and finally blurted out "Dad I know who you're going to marry." 
You stopped me and said you didn't want to hear it or talk about it. By your angry reaction I thought I'd blown it.  I couldn't figure out how those words had left my mouth! I thought, oh great now I've gone and scared dad to death and messed up God's plans.  But I began to pray "Dear Lord, this is way bigger than me and I'm sorry if I messed up, I'm sorry if I spoke too soon." And so I committed it to the Lord, trusting that if it really was His plan that He would bring it all about in His way and timing. I prayed God would open your heart to the great blessings in store, that no fear or grief would rob you of what He has for you.

But before you left to return home we talked again and I told you who I felt God had for you. You didn't say much but told me that you knew who I would say even before I told you. 
I'm so proud of you! You are a shinning example of God's true love.  You loved and honored mom with all your heart and soul.  Never could one love more deeply. Now God has given you a new love and you've handled this new relationship with such respect for all involved. I'm so proud you're my dad, you deserve all the happiness and love God has for your future.
We will always love and honor mom.  A new love doesn't change that, to me it enhances it and shines forth the great love and mercy God has for us all. God bless you and Wanda.


Milton here again:

After that conversation with Jennifer which was almost two months after I heard that voice in my bedroom, now things were beginning to turn over and over in my mind. On my way back to Tampa for a couple more days with Julie and her kiddies, I pondered the words I had heard in the early morning:

"Wanda Dunsford is the one I have for you. She will bless you and bless your children, and you will bless her and bless her children."

There began to be hope, comfort, and peace in my heart. When I was losing Kristy, one of the points of anger in my heart was that I didn't want another love. I didn't want her baggage, her family, her issues, or children if she had any. I only wanted Kristy. But something happened in my heart and mind when that voice spoke to me. I felt a soothing in my spirit. I felt peace. It would be OK. No, I didn't know or have a clue how this would come down or happen or if it would happen, but there was peace and hope. I would live again someday. The grief and pain of a year's heartache was releasing and I was finding some sense of assurance that I would be OK. Kristy told me I would be OK and now I felt through Jennifer and through the soft voice of the Holy Spirit that I would be OK.

So, who is Wanda Dunsford and how do I know her? No she is not an exotic dancer but she is a beautiful lady and she is very sweet and kind and she doesn't have red hair. And I found out later that she was Kristy's pick for me. 

So who is Wanda Dunsford?

Another page turns tomorrow.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger kate said...

I check your blog before I check my work email in the morning!

thank you for continuing to share the most precious parts of your heart!


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait until tomorrow!

At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know Wanda or your family, but I know they, through God, will work to have a great family and still honor Kristy. You are right, Milton, you fulfilled the vow. Way back then, many of us knew you already had someone in mind. God will give you the plan and timing.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Karen Eve said...

It is amazing how God not only set up confirmation for you, but also for your family about Wanda. God knew what each of you would need. He is such a good Daddy.

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you love! Or as the song goes, I hope you'll dance.
As our Sweet Kristy so often said, "God is so good"

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a peson didn't have faith, it'd be hard to believe all these "coincidences".

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Scarlett said...

Don't keep us hanging....when are you going to put her picture on your blog? Our God is an awesome God!

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are not coincidences, they are Godincidences.... Can I hear an AMEN!!!!

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a good thing. Run with the vision and let it come at its time. God will bless and give timing.

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Softening spirits...that's what I'm feeling here. God is allowing this new chapter in your life to penetrate our hearts. Softly, so softly God whispers to us....ever so gently He moves to let us know that He is STILL an awesome God and He MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS.

Gentle Spirit, like a breeze

Heavenly Father, how we believe

You are timely in your moves

A cloud of peace, our faith's renewed...

The very whisper of Your Name

Makes us bow; your truths proclaim

We feel your presence, and like a flame

Its warmth allows us to heal again

HEAL again, Heal again

Like a gently, soothing rain...

Milton, these words flowed from my heart, in God gave them to me....He's so Good.


At 8:00 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Cathy, What beautiful amazing words! Just beautiful. There is so much pain... so much loss...

Yet hope too. We can't understand why some things happen yet He gives us such sweet soothing hope. He truly is an amazing God.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Belinda Peterson said...

Thank you for continuing to post. Your stories are good for the heart and soul. They give a hope and a peace that can't come from anywhere but God.
Bless you and your family as your life moves forward.
Can't wait to hear more!!


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