Monday, October 13, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

Saturday afternoon I performed a wedding ceremony on Amelia Island. Mr. Green could not go as it was by invitation only and he wasn't included. The contest for the $15 gift certificate is officially over and the winner will be announced Tuesday morning. 

If you go back through Kristy's blog you will find lots of writings and some pictures about weddings, receptions, and marriage. She oozed romance and would have loved being with me on this Saturday afternoon as I performed the wedding ceremony  for Stephen and Robinn.

It was an outdoor wedding on the beach with just one couple attending along with me. I wrote their wedding vows from a combination of traditional and contemporary ceremonies which included a letter to Robinn and Stephen from Robinn's father who was unable to attend.

The Amelia Island Plantation was the last place that Kristy and I spent time together before her crash and admittance into the Hospice Center. It was a little surreal that the first wedding that I would perform would be held at the location of the last place Kristy and I spent time together at a get-a-way--our final one. Of course I had nothing to do with planning the wedding location, it just happened to be the place the couple chose.

It was a beautiful ceremony and very touching for a number of reasons that I will not share. Admittedly it was hard for me to perform, but Kristy was looking down smiling. She always got excited when I performed weddings.

After the vows were exchanged on the beach, we went back inside for the witnesses and me to sign their marriage license. As we sat at a table, tears began to brim my eyes. I knew how special and sacred those vows are. I know what they mean even more that now my beloved is gone.

The couple, Tom and Suzanne, who were their witnesses were touched and amazed at what I shared concerning Kristy and her death and our marriage. So were Stephen and Robinn. 

I looked at Stephen and Robinn and told them to let the tenderness and tearfulness of my eyes and heart be a sacred remembrance to them of how utterly awesome and holy their vows are that they made to each other on the beach.

Then they all did something very sweet. They took my hands and offered a very gracious prayer of love and strength for me. 

God is faithful.


At 12:46 PM, Blogger ~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Milton, I continue to pray for God to strengthen you and wrap His loving arms around you every day. I can't begin to know your pain. I can only pray that our Lord, who DOES know, will continually guide you in a tangible way.

Much love, ~ Brandilyn

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. We pray God's richest blessings on their union.

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


That our dear Father would arrange such a tender moment when this newly married couple and their witnesses prayed for you...well, it's a picture of his compassion. How he loves you! How he loves us all!

These unexpected blessings are his way of helping you heal. Step by step, he will strengthen you as you continue to lean on him and proclaim his goodness.

Kristy is in good hands, and one day you will see her face to face again! Won't that be the sweetest moment, next to seeing Jesus? To her, time will have stood still. To you, it still feels like a long wait.

None of us knows what a day will bring, and I am forever grateful that your blog--Kristy's blog--has helped prepare me for life as I now know it, or the possibility of a major change. I will always remember what I've learned here.

Please know that you are covered in prayer daily. God is faithful!

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milton,I know the contest is over but Mr. Green has truly inspired me.

THE IDENTITY: When I viewed the pictures of you and Mr. Green, it seemed so right for the moment. You were pondering him, you were watching football with him and you were working in the office...with him. I was quickened to realize that Mr. Green doesn't do anything. He merely is. It is his presence. I immediately thought of the ark of the covenant. In the Israelites world they needed a mobile Mt. Sinai, thus the Tabernacle. Carrying the presence of God with them.
The Name: Green as far as you can see usually indicates "new growth"
THE ILLUSTRATION: Jesus spoke in parables,God instructed Ezekiel to use object lessons. The message has to relate to the audience.
Everyone can relate to faceless Mr. Green.
THE INEVITABLE: Yes God takes things and works good from it. (Look at Joseph)
THE SISTER: She knows you and loves you and is obedient to the voice of the Lord.
THE GROWN MAN: Reasonable mental stability is about right, and he also is obedient to the voice of the Lord.
THE MESSAGE: Kristy loved children, she would like nothing more than for you to teach your children and grandchildren and church family what you know and are still learning about the presence of the Lord. One thing you both still share, only Kristy is in His physical presence.(And if you want to, use Mr. Green... a Great object- he's even sitting on a whimsical throne)
THE PROPHECY: As you are experiencing His presence unlike any other time in your life, "deep calls unto deep" and your roots are growing deeper. On the surface you are growing stronger in areas that have been completely foreign to you and you are growing taller and extending farther than ever before. This will bear "much" fruit. His presence is "thick" and "weighty" and must be given the time become fully saturated and then you will know the time to proclaim what he has given you.

THE END: These are just thoughts.I wore her blouse to church yesterday. I miss her too. Thanks, Norma. I needed Mr. Green.
Love to you, Milton, Julie, Jennifer and all the family ~

Sandra Barfield

At 8:03 PM, Anonymous milton dykes said...

What an incredible comment. I wiped tears, Sandra. Jesus used object lessons where people lived to teach great truths. Who would have thought Mr. Green would have so much to say without uttering a word!

You and Don have stood so faithfully with us for many years as dear, special, close friends. Kristy thought so much of you and your kindness in standing with her as she walked through the valley of the shadow of death will never be forgotten by her or me.

I will read this over a number of times as it is obvious you have unique insight concerning quiet Mr. Green.

Thanks for being there for us.

Blessings, Milton

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Destin Beach Weddings said...

A beautiful beach wedding. Beach weddings are great and always romantic. Congrats....

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Barbara J. Robinson said...

Wow, Kristy was with you watching from the clouds as you performed this ceremony!


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