Sunday, November 09, 2008


Milton, here for Kristy:

Saturday night I hosted a gathering of part of our church ministry team who offer care for Burundi, Africa, immigrant families who are part of our church. There were 30 or so for a cookout and then a sharing time with a missionary to Burundi, Brett Nelson and his family. Brett and his family are on furlough preparing to return to Burundi and gave us keen insight into Burundi life.

Am I becoming a great host or what? I have had several large group gatherings at my house and no one has gotten food poisoning yet, or at least they haven't told it.

Some of the stories of the Burundi families who fled there to come to the good ole USA are just heart breaking. They have family members who died in terrible civil and racial wars there. Hundreds of thousands were killed in this genocide. It is just unbelievable what they have endured. They have come with nothing, and the meager amount they have here in the USA is almost like living like kings in Burundi.

I have been so thrilled and thankful to see the loving care our church family has shown in helping them. Last year we helped provide Christmas and care packages and gave money and all sorts of assistance. Now we have Burundi families in our church who have become self-sufficient and are doing great. They are hard workers and committed to their families. 

All of us need help in life from time to time. I will admit that I would not have made it without  the loving care of others to help me and our family this past year. Can I do nothing less than to help others now?

God's love flowing in should flow out to bless others. My family has been blessed. I will be a blessing.

Do you agree? Who will you reach out to help this Thanksgiving?


At 7:40 AM, Blogger Barbara J. Robinson said...

I agree. I always bring in canned items to help the needy during the holidays. Looks like you've become quite the host, and it doesn't look as if anyone needs to worry about food poisoning. May God bless you with your hosting and with your writing. Take your time going through the process of healing and don't rush headlong into anything as a lonely widower. Take your time and heal. Do keep moving forward. I believe the best thing for you is to slowly heal through the process of your writing journey and going back through this blog working on the writing of your book. These activities will provide you with much insight, which will be better than hindsight that comes too late. God bless. Take care. Kristy is proud ofyou! Barb

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Carrie Turansky said...

Hi Milton,
What a great post. I am so happy to hear you are hosting more groups at your house and encouraging your church to reach out like this. Our family spent a year in Kenya East Africa where my husband taught men and women training for the ministry. What a dedicated group. Their love and enthusiasm was such a powerful witness to us. We loved it and left part of our heart there.
Carrie in NJ


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